Snow Queen: Journey Continues!

Bella Thorne has joined the English voice cast for the animated Russian  film Snow Queen: Journey Continues, sequel to 2012's The Snow Queen!snow queen journey continues bella thorne

The Snow Queen was inspired by the same Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale as Frozen, but tells a vastly different story. In The Snow Queen, a girl named Gerda teams up with a troll named Orm to vanquish an evil queen who has covered the world in snow!

In the 3D sequel, Snow Queen: Journey Continues, Bella Thorne will voice Gerda and Sharlto Copley will play Orm.

After Orm defeated the Snow Queen in the previous movie, he blows his achievements out of proportion. Orm claims that he is betrothed to the princess, and ends up finding himself in the middle of yet another dangerous journey!

Bella Thorne will also be singing an original song for the movie, which releases December 1, 2014. We can't wait to check it out!

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