Snow White's Unhappy Ending: Kristen Stewart Gets Injured

Looks like some fairy tales don't have happy endings… or do they?

While filming Snow White and The Huntsman, Twilight starlet, Kristen Stewart, got into an altercation that left her injured.

The movie, which was cut short on Tuesday, may be experiencing some delays due to the mishap.

Kristen along with Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Bob Hoskins star in this fantasy film that is a spin on the classic fairytale.

While Kristen had been filming scenes of the movie the week leading up to the mystery injury, she's been causing quite a stir since abandoning the set after the incident occurred.

Good thing actor Max Manganello was able to calm down the Kristen fans by revealing some deets on the set injury via Twitter. "It's a wrap for today. Kristen has hurt herself… nothing scary. We shoot on Friday."

We're glad to hear Kristen is safe and sound! We have a feeling out favorite vamp, Robert Pattinson, was there to help ease the pain!