We’re halfway through Sweety High’s 12 days of holiday DIYs at day 6! Today, we’ll show you how to make totally adorable snowman ornaments out of bottle caps and a few supplies you might already have at home!bottle cap snowman ornament diy tutorial

This simple tutorial, adapted from One Artsy Mama, is super cute and customizable to make your snowmen, or snowwomen, exactly how you want them!

For each ornament you’ll need:

  • Three bottle caps
  • Hot glue gun
  • One thick paintbrush
  • One very thin paintbrush for details
  • White, black and orange acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Two strips of ribbon
  • One button

Using the thicker paintbrush, begin by painting the inside of each bottle cap white. Depending on the opacity of your white acrylic paint, this may require multiple coats. Let the paint dry between each coat until you can’t see the metal insides of the bottle caps!

Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to lay the bottle caps along and loop back underneath to make a hook. Using your hot glue gun, glue each bottle cap along the bottom of the ribbon, and use dabs of glue to hold the bottle caps together as well. Fold back the extra ribbon at the top and create a small loop, then glue that down, too.

With your thin paintbrush, paint details on your snowman. With the orange, draw a cute carrot nose. With black, draw a coal mouth and eyes in the top bottle cap, and a few coal buttons down the center bottle cap. Let dry.

Cut another small length of ribbon and tie it between the top and middle buttons to form a scarf. Hot glue in place if necessarily. Finish it off by hot glueing a button accent over the “scarf” knot and your snowman is complete! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Share your thoughts and your own favorite ornament ideas in the comments below, and if you make your own snowman ornaments, share your photos with us at Sweety High! Also be sure to check out even more holiday DIY ideas below!