Need a Little Wellness Push? Try So Good So You's Immunity-Boosting Probiotic Shots

These last two years have made it clearer than ever to me just how important it is to stay healthy.

Good practices in protection and hygiene are critical, and while I've taken all the necessary precautions, masking up even now and washing my hands as often as possible, I haven't always paid the best attention to boosting my natural immunity.

Enter So Good So You.  The company specializes in making healthy juices as well as immunity-boosting probiotic drink shots designed to improve different areas of health. They gave me the chance to try samples of a number of their shots so I could reap their benefits for myself, and here's what I experienced.

The Brand

So Good So You's probiotic shots are 1.7 oz. bottles of cold-pressed juice that pack a healthy punch. Each bottle contains a billion CFUs, or probiotics, which are said to be great for digestion as well as immune system support. They're full of vitamins and minerals, which are fully derived from their fruit and veggie ingredients, and the shots are totally organic and plant-based, and made with non-GMO ingredients.

Their drinks are made using a high-pressure processing method, locking in nutrients, keeping flavors fresh and eliminating the need for preservatives while destroying harmful bacteria. Each product is also made with 100% renewable energy, and the packaging is fully recyclable. It also happens to be biodegradable, in the off-chance it does end up in a landfill.

Their lineup currently includes 14 different varieties of probiotic shots, and I got to test out a number of them, including their new Happy shot. Click HERE to find out where the shots are sold near you, or head to Amazon to buy online.

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The Shots

Energy – Mango Spinach

First, I tried the Mango Spinach Energy shot, which on top of the benefits of probiotics also contains coffee fruit extract for a natural boost of caffeine. The 1.7 oz. shot contains 95 mg of caffeine, which is about the same as an average cup of coffee, and I have to say that sipping this shot made me wide awake in an instant—especially given the fact that I don't usually take in much caffeine.

While it was technically a green juice containing spinach, it didn't have too much of an icky veggie flavor. The most prevalent flavor was actually the orange, with the mango bringing in a slight earthy taste. The shot also contained 35% of my daily Vitamin C, 5%  of my iron and 2% of my Vitamin A, simultaneously filling me with all kinds of nutrients. When I had a little bit of trouble going to sleep that night, I knew it had done something right.

So Good So You Energy Shot

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Energy – Passionfruit

This passionfruit energy shot takes a slightly different approach with a fruitier flavor, but the same dose of caffeine from 95 mg of coffeeberry. This one is so tangy and vibrant, with the main flavor actually being pineapple, but backed with some passionfruit tanginess. You better believe that after taking this shot, I was bursting with energy and feeling fantastic.

So Good So You Energy Passionfruit

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Immunity – Ginger Cayenne

So Good So You has a bunch of immunity-geared shots in their lineup, but be warned—this flavor doesn't hold back on the heat! While it's orange juice-based, it's also full of ginger juice with cayenne pepper, so I shouldn't have been surprised that it stung the throat and mouth a little bit going down. I woke up a little sniffly one morning after a chilly night, but drinking this, I could immediately feel it work its magic.

The ginger and paprika spice were strong, but it was sweetened with raw honey to help it go down, and even despite the burn I kept wanting to sip. Maybe it was just a passing morning thing, but by late morning, I already felt cleared up. Perhaps the heat shocked my system back into feeling healthy again. The shot also contained 20% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C and 6% of the recommended iron to keep me going strong.

So Good So You Immunity Shot

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Immunity Blueberry Clementine

After trying the Ginger Cayenne version of the Immunity shot, I wondered if the others would pack the same kind of punch. Instead, they take a more delicate approach, starting with the Blueberry Clementine version. This one packs adaptogens mushrooms maitake, shitake and reishi, as well as vitamin D, for an immune system boost. The flavor of this one is more tart, from both the blueberry and the citrus of the blueberry, and also seemed to have some umami undertones because of the mushrooms. While it's tough to tell whether this one did much to actually boost my immunity, it did make me feel pretty calm and relaxed—and that might be even better.

So Good So You Immunity Blueberry Clementine

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Immunity Strawberry Watermelon

This Strawberry Watermelon Immunity shot was one I could sip all day. The flavor tasted like fresh-squeezed juicy watermelons, paired with the summery tartness of strawberry, for something really tasty. It's also full of immunity-boosting vitamin D and camu camu, which aids in digestion as well as sleep for overall wellness.

So Good So You Strawberry Watermelon Immunity

(via So Good So You)


Immunity Elderberry Blood Orange

The last Immunity flavor I tried was the Elderberry Blood Orange, which I thought had the most medicinal taste of all of the shots I tried. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but the elderberry gives it a licorice-y, herbal taste, that's balanced well by the blood orange. Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins  that are said to provide a boost to the immune system, and maybe it was the medicinal taste, but I just felt better after knocking this one back.

So Good So You Immunity Elderberry Blood Orange

(via So Good So You)



So Good So You's Beauty shot is interesting because it's built around helping the body produce collagen. This protein helps with joint health and the elasticity and healthy appearance of skin, and while there's no such thing as plant-based collagen, there are ingredients, such as silica and biotin, that can help you make your own collagen. This one has the super refreshing flavor of grapefruit juice with a little sweet fruitiness mixed in, plus 20% of your daily dose of vitamin C.

So Good So You Beauty Shot

(via So Good So You)



In a category of its own is So Good So You's Detox shot. While I don't necessarily buy into the idea of "removing toxins" from our bodies by eating certain foods, I do believe in returning to healthier practices after eating junky food, and seeing as I ate way too much fast food fried chicken the day before trying this shot, I thought it was appropriate. Blue-green algae is said to cleanse the body of toxins, and this shot is based on the principle that the body prefers (and works best) when fed organic and energy-boosting ingredients like it.

And the shot certainly tasted healthy and cleansing. The flavor was primarily pineapple with a hint of orange juice, and although blue-green algae juice was one of the key ingredients, I don't think it really affected the taste, despite dying the juice a deep green color. I certainly felt better after drinking it down, too. And with 230% of my daily Vitamin A intake, 25% of my iron and 15% of my Vitamin C, it had lots of great nutrients for my body to take in, which left me feeling even better about my decision.

So Good So You Detox Shot

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I saved this Sleep shot for nighttime, right before bed, and I was glad I did because it seemed to work wonders for me. The melon flavor, combined with lemon, felt like a perfect nighttime sip, and with a combination of California poppy, lavender and butterfly pea flowers, it seemed to quiet my mind and help me drift off just in time for bed.

So Good So You Sleep Shot

(via So Good So You)



Last, but definitely not least, were the Happy shots, the newest addition to the So Good So You lineup. This just might be my favorite flavor of them all. It reminds me of POG, blending pineapple, blood orange and guava for a bright, tropical flavor that'll make you happy just by tasting it. Of course, this shot has additional benefits, too, including vitamin D, saffron and the adaptogen ashwagandha. It's a definite mood booster, and I just might have to buy myself a new case of them before long.

So Good So You Happy Shot

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Bottom Line

If you're already a fan of immunity-boosting, nutrient-rich shots to help you get through days where you need a little help in various health areas, I definitely recommend So Good So You. If you're new to the concept, you might not be interested in dropping that much money on fancy juices, and I don't blame you.

While they might not be available everywhere and the $3.99 price might make regular use a little prohibitive, each variety appeared to do exactly what it set out to do—and they all tasted great, too. If I ever spot them in stores near me, I do plan to grab a couple for one of those rainy days when I need that extra push to keep me going.


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