Sobel Westex's New Star Wars Home Collection Is Subtly Nerdy in the BEST Way

May the fourth be with you!

Today happens to be Star Wars Day, and when we received a few goodies from Sobel Westex's bold new Star Wars Home collection, we just knew we had to share everything they have to offer on this special day. The decor and bedding line features items across four collections—The Dark Side Collection, Astromech Collection, Jedi Collection and Tatooine Collection—to add a gorgeous, yet subtly nerdy, touch to your spaces, and we seriously can't get enough. According to Sobel Westex executive vice president Michael Trampas, "Using a wealth of imagination to create bedding and bath products that mimic a Star Wars time, place and lifestyle, we created Star Wars Home to be authentic to the narrative, elevated, practical and luxurious." Even better, you can use the code MAY4SW25 to get 25% off any Star Wars Home item from now until May 31, 2022.

Curious? Keep scrolling to check out the whole collection.

The Jedi Ancient Text Towel: $79

On the market for a new set of bath towels? These 100% cotton towels made in Turkey have a design inspired by the Star Wars alphabet, Aurebesh. They look sleek and stylish while also being fluffy and super absorbent. They come in five colors inspired by the different Star Wars Home collections, so they'll fit right into pretty much any bathroom palette. These towels also come in a unique canvas wrap with a reinforced strap and velcro closure, making it easy to bring them along on trips where you need your good towels.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Ancient Text Towels

(via Sobel Westex)


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Classic Sheet Collection: $99+

The collection also offers sheet collections in eight great hues, with two colors that perfectly suit your favorite of the four Star Wars Home collections. They each contain four pieces—a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases—all made from 100% antimicrobial cotton sateen. They're great sheets, whether you pair them with other Star Wars-themed items or not, and they also come packaged in a canvas capsule with a black handle and zipper top opening that can be used as a travel backpack.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Classic Sheet Collection

(via Sobel Westex)


The Galaxy Throw: $119

We can't get over how cute these Galaxy Throw blankets are. They're made with acrylic canvas to create a super soft yet chunky knit that's extra comfortable to rest under while also adding an amazing textured look to any bed, couch or chair. It comes in four colors—one for each Star Wars Home collection—to add a little comfort to your home, no matter your aesthetic. It also comes in a similar canvas wrap to the towels, for on-the-go comfiness.

Sobel Westex Star Wars The Galaxy Throw

(via Sobel Westex)


Dark Side Decorative Pilows: $79

Now, for the unique collections themselves. These throw pillows representing the Dark Side feature patterns and texturing inspired by Darth Vader's signature armor and the architecture of the Death Star, yet would look right at home on any modern couch. That's pretty ingenious, if you ask us.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Dark Side Decorative Pillows

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The Dark Side 7PC Bedding Collection: $279+

Subtlety really is the name of the game with this bold collection. The Dark Side's seven-piece bedding collection comes with two decorative pillows, two pairs of pillowcases (one matching the comforter, and one with a unique grey and black-windowed pattern) and a bold matte comforter with a hexagon pattern, evocative of the wings of a TIE Fighter. Like all of the bedding collections, it also comes packaged in a super sturdy felt tote that makes a great travel bag.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Dark Side Bedding Collection

(via Sobel Westex)


Astromech Decorative Pilows: $79

In the Star Wars universe, Astromech droids are droids like BB-8 and R2-D2 that work as repair droids on ships, and we think their designs are used super effectively in these cute pillows. The white and blue one reminds us of the cylindrical shape of Artoo, while the round red pillow represents his "eye"!

Sobel Westex Star Wars Astromech Decorative Pillows

(via Sobel Westex)


Astromech 7PC Bedding Collection: $279+

This is definitely one of the more artsy sets in the Star Wars Home collection, and we adore how vibrant it is. In addition to the two decorative pillows, it comes with two pairs of shams, each with their own unique blue patterns, and a comforter with a striking geometric look in blue.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Astromech Bedding Collection

(via Sobel Westex)


Jedi Decorative Pilows: $79

When we see these pillows, we immediately think of Jedi, despite how nuanced the patterns are. The brown pillow, with its faux leather black "belt" stripes, is evocative of a Jedi robe, while the pillow featuring Aurebesh writing and the towel pattern is just plain cool.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Jedi Decorative Pillows

(via Sobel Westex)


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Jedi 7PC Bedding Collection: $279+

This Jedi bedding collection has such a tranquil feel, and we love how all of the pieces work together. Of course, it features the Jedi pillows, while the comforter, as well as both styles of pillowcases, are meant to look like the linens of a Jedi robe. They're stylish yet minimalistic, just like the Jedi themselves.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Jedi Bedding Collection

(via Sobel Westex)



Tatooine Decorative Pilows: $79

We don't think that Anakin Skywalker would appreciate the pillow with a bleached sandy pattern, but the Tattooine double sunset pillow has to be our favorite in the collection—and we're sure he'd like it, too. The blush and cream tones on the pillow look like luscious brush strokes, while the two suns will stand out only to those who are already in the know.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Tatooine Decorative pillows

(via Sobel Westex)


Tatooine 7PC Bedding Collection: $279+

This bedding collection makes us feel like we're having our own desert getaway. In addition to the two pillows, it includes a comforter in a rosy blush color, with a unique, natural texture, while the two sets of shams have subtle patterns in the same shade.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Tatooine Bedding Collection

(via Sobel Westex)


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