How to Still Celebrate Your Prom Night Amid Social Distancing

We know, we know—it's the four-letter word that brings a tear to your eye, and no, we're not talking about the 'L' word.

The lead-up to prom, this monumental, iconic evening in your life, may have been what kept you going through these long, arduous years of high school—and thanks to coronavirus, you're stuck at home eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos, watching Tiger King (not that there's anything wrong with that). You'd much rather be getting dolled up with your gal pals, begging your parents not to embarrass you in front of your date, and squishing into a limo.

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Welp, it is what it is, and prom has been canceled, leaving millions of people all over the globe in complete despair. But not all is lost, seniors! We've rounded up the best ways to honor your prom night amid social distancing—you're in for a swingin' time!

Organize a Legitimate Prom Crew

Depending on when your prom was scheduled, you may already have a potential prom group in place. If you do, put all of those people on a text (one of the rare times mass group texts are acceptable). If you don't already have a group, text your closest friends and couples (who are all mutual friends, too) and put a social distancing prom in place via technology (hello, Google Hangouts and Houseparty!). TBH, it's not like your friends have anything better to do, and you guys deserve to celebrate!


Buy a Dress and Get Dolled Up on the Intended Date of Prom

Unless you've had a Bat Mitzvah or a quinceañera, or you've been in a wedding, chances are you've never dressed up quite like you would on prom night. Your digital prom spares you any potential wardrobe malfunctions, and if you're over wearing your ensemble after a certain time, you've got your PJs right by your side. This is an opportunity to go all out with your makeup—touchups are right at your mirror. Also, because you're only among close friends, no need to worry about anyone judging what you wear!

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Create a Group-Approved Playlist

There's no such thing as a silent prom. Message every friend or couple separately and ask each to send five to 10 songs that are best-fitting for the big night. Whether they're songs special to your group, or simply personal faves, encourage them to send their picks, and from there, you should send a preliminary playlist that compiles the majority of what everyone chose. Send the list, get the sign-offs and create a final playlist in Spotify called Prom 2020. Make sure everyone's got the link and you're good to go. Oh, and even though there won't be any couples' dances, make sure there are one or two slow jams in the mix for full effect.


Enlist Your 'Rents for a Serious Photoshoot

We're usually begging our parents not to take photos of us, but you still want your prom night to be remembered—and chances are, mom and dad do, too. Before the online festivities begin, arrange to have a parent or a sibling set aside at least a half hour to devote solely to snapping shots of you in all your prom night glory. The best part is they can't embarrass you in front of your crush or S.O. Once the pics are complete, have some ready to post on IG the next day!


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Let the Festivities Begin (and Keep Them Going Through Normal Prom Hours

Now that you've got prom prep out of the way, it's time to make your big digital debut. Be sure to keep things a mystery between you and your group until you debut your glam look on the video chat. From there, turn on your playlist, stir up some mocktails, order yourself some pizza delivery and have the best night of your quarantined life (with no curfew!).


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