Major Skills We're All Acquiring Amid Quarantine

Well, well, well…

While coronavirus, and everything affiliated with it, has turned our worlds upside-down, it's also making gourmet chefs, musicians, dancers and stylists out of us. Have you looked back at your friends' mid-quarantine Stories and been like, "wait, they did that?" Yeah, us, too.

In the midst of all the chaos infiltrating our world right now, let's focus on some unanimous positives—everyone's showcasing talents we never knew we had! Keep reading for six skills all of us are acquiring mid-quarantine.


If you haven't whipped up a home-cooked dinner, picture-perfect açai bowl or omelette du jour, please explain what you've been doing all this time! We went from being Postmates' most reliable customers to master chefs. Who knew we had it in us? But, with a little help from Pinterest and a lot more time on our hands, we're learning a thing or two in the kitchen. It also doesn't hurt that we can post our creations on IG for the world to see!

Girl cooking vegetables in a pan in the kitchen

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Social Independence

If ever we had a codependent relationship with a friend or significant other, that went out the door fast! We've quickly adjusted to the new normal, and are actually realizing that whole "you're your only best friend" saying could not be more true. Regardless of our closeness to a pal or loved one, we aren't permitted to see them right now, so we're learning to lean on ourselves. Crazy to say, but we're actually enjoying getting to know ourselves better and finding fascinating ways to stay occupied solo.


We've always said we were going to pick up a fitness routine—welp, now's the time! With opportunities to try anything and everything for free, we're learning our physical strengths and interests, while connecting with some of our friends in the meantime.
smiling girl holds water bottle while going for a run
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Ah, cleaning. Never—and we mean never—did we expect to say we not only have spick-and-span living spaces, but we've actually enjoyed the process of rummaging through our crap! We're finally understanding the value of making our bed each morning, spring cleaning our closets and keeping our bathroom tidy. It's refreshing waking up to a clean space, it helps us get motivated for the rest of our day and assists in us getting better sleep at night.


With minimal access to normally common services, we've had to get incredibly crafty and resourceful. But we're doing it seamlessly! From at-home mani-pedis and full-blown salon-level facials to hair stylings and—lest we forget—some of the most creative TikToks the world has seen, we really can do it all without relying on professionals.
Girl applying a sheet mask while her wet hair is tied up in a towel
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Saving Money

What was hands-down our biggest challenge three weeks ago has quickly become our biggest skill. We're actually saving money. No, really! We never thought this would happen overnight, but this situation has quickly made us realize how many things we can do without. We're suddenly walking everywhere instead of relying on Lyfts and our gas money. We're cooking almost all of our meals at home, so no more skyrocket delivery fees. We're doing our hair and nails, we're not going out with friends.  We mean sure, eventually, some of this will change and we will have some of our same old financial obligations, but right now we're realizing a lot of what we spent money on was for excess.
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