6 Ways to Ace Your Social Life

We all fall into ruts in our personal lives.

We can be the most social person in school, we can have the best parties, the cutest S.O. or the most enviable parents—whatever—we all get into funks for one reason or another.

Because we have been there (and managed to pull ourselves out of it), we've had to reevaluate past situations and think about our social patterns and our surroundings. Who or what is causing us discomfort? What can we do to change up our routines?

Look, change isn't easy, and that's why so many of us stick to the same tried and true patterns that make us comfortable. But comfortable is stagnant and that's not good!

Keep reading for six ways to ace your social life. Again, we know some of these won't be easy at first, but we promise the payoff will be worth it all.

1. Cut Out Toxic People

As we've previously noted, toxic people can be quite addictive. We know they're not beneficial to us, yet we constantly find ourselves coming back to them. They have a way with manipulation, and there's something about them that makes us feel like they are absolutely needed in our lives.

Well, trust us, you don't need them. The minute you start inching away from them, you'll start to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. You'll notice drama decrease from your life, and you'll naturally open yourself up to healthy and new relationships. It's definitely difficult at first, because these people have a hold on you, but we promise once you keep them at a distance, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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2. Don't Say 'Yes' to Everything

We all get FOMO, it's a fact of life. But the more accessible you are to everyone, the more everyone just expects you to be at their beckoning call. Start thinking about when it's absolutely necessary to go out with everyone and when it's okay to stay home. Trust us, it's fine to give people a reason to miss you. It's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


3. Be Open to Hanging Out With New People

We all get used to our regular rotation of friends, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a core group of gals you sit with at lunch or hit the town with on weekends. But locking yourself into just one group is not only unhealthy, but it's holding you back. By exposing yourself to fresh faces, you not only have the ability to meet maybe even a new S.O., but it's also refreshing to be with people who will give you a new perspective on life. Give it a shot!

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4. Truly Become Your Own Best Friend

It's definitely hard to squeeze in me-time when we're constantly in class with other people or partaking in extracurricular activities. And then when we get home, we have to deal with parents and siblings. But carve out special alone time either a few nights a week or one night or solid day of the weekend. Go for walks alone, do a little shopping solo—heck, go out to eat by yourself, lounge by the pool and read. If you have a car, go for scenic rides around town. Although you're probably so sick of hearing this, you really are the only person you have at the end of the day, so make the relationship you have with yourself count. Practice gratitude by writing down five little things a day that make you grateful. If you really take a moment to think about it, you'll be surprised about how much awesomeness surrounds your life. Embrace it!

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5. Do Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

As the saying goes, "happiness is on the other side of discomfort." By doing the same thing day in and day out, you're maintaining a bland routine that can easily be spiced up by taking a risk. Whether it's going to a concert alone or texting your crush something flirty, take a chance and switch up your life a bit. You never know the outcome or who you will meet.


6. Fake It 'Til Ya Make It

Above all else, always maintain that you are the best person, having the best time. Even if your Instagram is one big lie, never let 'em see you sweat. You don't want people to see you as a weakling they can just walk all over. Keep that smile on your face, tell everyone how great you feel and keep any negative feelings or gossip to your closest friends only. The more you tell yourself you're feeling and doing great, the more you'll find confidence naturally stream through your pores.


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