Socialite Has the Silkiest Pajamas EVER

I cherish every wink of sleep I get.

Since my days are usually pretty packed with writing, working out, cooking, reading and occasionally socializing, there's not always a lot of time for sleep. But the minute my head hits the pillow, I feel at ease. And you know what makes a good night's sleep even better for me? Comfy PJs!

Typically, I throw on an oversized tee and sweats, so when Socialite sent me a pair of their silky, luxe pajamas, I knew I was in for a treat. Keep reading for my full review of Socialite's satin, washable pajamas.

The Pajamas

Tulip Back Washable Satin Tank: $54

When it comes to pajama tops, I like something that is more breathable. A skin tight tank top will not do. I love that this tank is flowy with a tulip back, and when I'm sleeping, it doesn't make me feel constricted at all.

I also like how modest this top is. A lot of pajama sets nowadays are a little too risque for my taste, so with the full coverage that also hides my armpit fat (we all have it), this top has quickly gone into my regular pajama rotation.

socialite pajama top

(via Nordstrom)


Washable Satin Wide Leg Pants: $69

Since we're in the midst of summer, it's been too hot to wear these pants every night. But on the nights that are a tad bit cooler, I've been throwing these on. The wide leg is a godsend—most of my sweats are jogger style, so it's nice to change it up.

Now onto the feel. They are so incredibly silky smooth. I was honestly afraid to wash them, for fear of losing its satin-y touch, but if anything it made them even better (same for the top)! I've found myself wearing the entire set all day long during my lazy weekends. Netflix, junk food and these PJs are my go-to recipe for a good day.

socialite pajama bottoms

(via Nordstrom)


Bottom Line

I truly don't have one bad thing to say about these silky pajamas from Socialite. After all, they're a best-seller at Nordstrom for a reason/ With a price that's tough to beat and amazing quality, I couldn't recommend this cute and comfy set enough.


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