Sofia Carson Inspires Self-Love With Empowering New Single 'Back to Beautiful'

In today's world, it's easy to get down on yourself.

But Descendants star Sofia Carson wants us all to feel empowered to love ourselves, as evident in her current single "Back to Beautiful."

Listen to Sofia's new tune, and a few other New Music Friday releases we're obsessed with, below:

1. "Back to Beautiful" by Sofia Carson

Reminiscent of Selena Gomez's "Who Says," Sofia Carson's heartfelt pop single reminds us to treat ourselves and others a little bit better, which, at this moment, is something we all need to do. We definitely hope she performs it at the RDMAs when she co-hosts the show in April!


2. "Work the Middle" by Alex Aiono

We're also hoping Alex Aiono brings his sensual new bop "Work the Middle" to the RDMAs stage, where he'll be performing hosting duties alongside Sofia. Just listening to the track already has us eager to hit the dance floor, so we can only imagine what will happen when hear it live.


3. "Testify" by Citizen Four

Boy band Citizen Four's newest single "Testify" is chock full of rhythm and soul. With its on-point harmonies and catchy chorus, you'll memorize the lyrics without a hitch. We'll testify that this may just be our favorite new release from the week.


4. "Awake Me" by Rosie Carney

Slowing things down a bit, focus your attention on folk singer Rosie Carney. Strumming nothing but a guitar, Rosie's tranquil voice will find its way into your heart and make a permanent home there. Her confessional lyrics are deeply relatable, feeling somewhat like a confidant.


5. "Waiting" by Betsy

With her distinct voice and emotional lyrics, pop singer Betsy's latest single "Waiting" is all about those intense feelings you get when you're around the one you love. This tune needs to be added to any sort of Valentine's Day playlist you have ASAP!


Check out all of these tracks in full on the Spotify playlist below:


Digging these tunes? You'll also love indie artist Maggie Rogers' newest tune "On + Off," so check it out HERE.