11 Song Lyrics About Loneliness to Use as Instagram Captions

In this uncertain time of quarantine and social distancing, it's totally normal to feel a bit lonely.

Even before the coronavirus brought life as we knew it to a halt, loneliness was (and still is) a common emotion. Believe it or not, many famous artists have felt lonely at one point or another as well, and some have even written or sang about their experiences.

Scroll down for song lyrics about loneliness that you can use as Instagram captions during this unusual time.

For that photo when you wish you had a significant other:

"Lonely, I'm so lonely. I have nobody to call my own."

-Akon, "Lonely"


For that photo of you dancing alone:

"I'm not the girl you're taking home. I keep dancing on my own."

-Robyn, "Dancing on My Own"


For that photo of you going solo with your shadow:

"My shadow's the only one that walks beside me."

-Green Day, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

A Woman and Her Shadow
(via Unsplash)


For that photo when you're lonely and can't sleep:

"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now."

-Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now"


For that frowning selfie:

"Now I'm all alone and my joys turned to moping, tell me here, where are you now that I need ya?"

-Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber, "Where Are U Now"


For that photo of you snuggling your pet:

"Is the only reason you're holding me tonight 'cause we're scared to be lonely?"

-Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa, "Scared to Be Lonely"

A Woman With Her Dog
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For that photo when you're lonely and away from home:

"Try to find my way back home to you, I'm so alone. Nothing feels like home."

-Marshmello, "Alone"


For that photo of you thinking about your crush while in quarantine:

"Do you think about me when you're all alone? The things we used to do, we used to be?"

-Avicii & Nicky Romero, "I Could Be the One"


For that photo of you missing someone you love:

"Your memory remains, I breathe it closer. I swear that I still feel you near."

-Dash Berlin, "Waiting"

A Lonely Woman
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For that photo of you feeling lonely at night:

"That silent sense of content that everyone gets just disappears soon as the sun sets."

-The Chainsmokers, "Wake Up Alone"


For that photo of you talking to your significant other on FaceTime:

"You're not alone, I'm awake. And I've been thinking of you."

-Kygo, "Not Alone"


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