Best Song Lyrics as Instagram Captions for When It's Your 15th Birthday

Calling all birthday babes!

If you're turning 15, happy birthday! 15 is such a fun age, and you're just one year away from getting your driver's license. At 15 years old, you have more freedom, are a step closer to college, might be in a relationship, might even have a job—and more.

Feel like showing off your big day on Instagram? Keep scrolling for the best song lyrics to use as Instagram captions for pics of your 15th birthday.

For when you're kissing your S.O. on your birthday:

"And when you're 15, and your first kiss makes your head spin around."

-"Fifteen," Taylor Swift


For that pic of you showing off the birthday balloons you got:

"I can see that you're 15 years old."

-"Stray Cat Blues," The Rolling Stones




For when you and your besties are celebrating your birthday:

"We're teenagers. We don't know anything."

-"Teenagers," Hayley Williams of Paramore


For that photo of you looking way older than you actually are:

"15-year-olds seem 20, and 25-year-olds seem 10."

-"A Wake," Ryan Lewis


For when you can't wait to celebrate your birthday:

"15 years old with an idea, a pencil and a sheet of paper with a heart for change."

-"Annointed Scribbles," Quentin Norman


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