10 Songs to Listen to If Halsey's 'Without Me' Is Your Jam

Earning Halsey her first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, "Without Me" has become one of her most powerful songs to date.

Written after her breakup with G-Eazy, it paints a picture of a heartbreaking end to what once seemed like a whirlwind romance. Even though we haven't experienced a love like the one depicted in the track, we can relate to her pain on a deeply personal level.

For each and everyone of you out there who feels the same way about this hit as we do, you're in for a real treat. We rounded up 10 songs that are pretty similar to Halsey's "Without Me."

Listen to them below now!

1. 'Stitches' by Shawn Mendes

The end of a relationship is never easy to deal with, no matter how amicable the breakup was. Similar to Halsey's song, Shawn's "Stitches" tells the tale of putting yourself back together after someone broke your heart. We'll always be here for you, Shawn.


2. 'Six Feet Under' by Billie Eilish

Even when a relationship was no good for us, there's always still a tiny part of us that wishes it all would've worked out. This is what Billie's song "Six Feet Under" is all about. Though a partnership can be all wrong, you wish it could be just right.


3. 'Like That' by Bea Miller

Bea's "Like That" centers around confronting your partner for their toxic behavior in the relationship. It isn't easy to do so, but sometimes you need to be the mirror and show them how awful they've been. If that doesn't work, dump them and move on.


4. 'Obsessed' by Maggie Lindemann

With its upbeat instrumentals, you wouldn't think this track is at all like Halsey's, but it is. It's essentially about being with someone who isn't fully invested in the relationship. Their reason for not giving it their all is because they're too obsessed with themselves.


5. 'Find What You're Looking For' by Olivia O'Brien

Knowing you're not right for the person you're in love with isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you can't hope they find the person they're looking for. Though you'll have a tough time watching them do this, deep down you know it's for the best.


6. 'Worst in Me' by Julia Michaels

Sometimes you're the one who isn't entirely giving their all in the relationship. You might really love the person you're with, but there's another part of you that isn't willing to. That's definitely what's going on in the relationship Julia sings about in "Worst in Me."


7. 'Space Cowboy' by Kacey Musgraves

Not every relationship was built to last. Some of us realize that sooner rather than later, but it doesn't make letting go any easier. That being said, if it's what has to be done to make you a happier person, watch that relationship fade into the distance like Kacey did.


8. 'Two Ghosts' by Harry Styles

Depicting two people who've drastically changed in their relationship, Harry's "Two Ghosts" tells the woeful tale of a couple who has completely lost sight of themselves. They no longer breathe any sort of life into one another.


9. 'These Four Words' by The Maine

One of the more heartbreaking songs on this list, The Maine's "These Four Words" hits you hard and will never leave you. Admitting to someone you don't love them and they should let you go is never a position we'd want to be in, but it happens.


10. 'Bad Time' by Sabrina Carpenter

Who says you can't get a little revenge in a relationship gone sour by using the same tricks they pulled with you while you were together? Not, Sabrina, that's for sure. Her song "Bad Time" is all about this.


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