Sophia Grace and Rosie Cameo On Sam and Cat!

Did you catch the new episode of Sam and Cat this weekend with a special cameo appearance by Sophia Grace and Rosie?Sophia Grace and Rosie on Sam and Cat

The episode, #TheBritBrats which aired on Saturday, features Sophia Grace and Rosie as Gwen and Ruby, whom Sam and Cat have to babysit.

Although the girls seem sweet, it's revealed in the episode that they are con artists looking to take off with as much as they can.

In the episode, Sam and Cat are responsible for running a bingo game at the Elderly Acres senior home.

When Sam and Cat realize that Gwen and Ruby are con artists, they set up the bingo game. The prize is a TV set worth more than $3000, and the lucky bingo card, #54, will allow them to win.

However, Gwen and Ruby overhear the trick, resulting in a bidding war over bingo card #54! Gwen wins the card by offering $500 for it!

To find out what happens, you'll have to catch it next time! Will you tune in to June 29's episode, #NewGoat?