Sophia Grace Wows Us With "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun!"

10-year-old Sophia Grace is impressing new fans everywhere with her awesome new track and video, "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun."

The video features Sophia Grace showing off her bold personality and really owning the town in her big pink toy SUV and having the best cupcake party ever. Pretty awesome for her first original song!

Shake It Up and Camp Rock star Roshon Fegan also makes a cameo appearance in the music video as a DJ!

The confident and chatty Sophia is best known for her covers of songs including Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and Rolling In the Deep by Adele.

Sophia Grace in "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun"

Her singing and vibrant personality have quickly brought her to fame, and she's made multiple appearances on The Ellen Show,  often performs with younger, soft-spoken cousin Rosie.

What do you think of the super fun new music video?