How to Stay Busy By Yourself If You Have an Active Social Life

Sophie Michelle is always up to something!

Whether she's hitting the red carpet for a star-studded event, filming a YouTube vid or chillin with her gaggle of gal pals, there never seems to be a dull moment for one of Sweety High's favorite rising stars.


(Photo courtesy of Sophie Michelle)

But like the rest of the world, the bubbly brunette has been forced to halt her projects, events and social life, due to the deadly coronavirus.

Now that Sophie's holed up at home like the rest of us, we wanted to know how she strays from boredom when she's so used to being on-the-go. The social media starlet shares her tips for staying busy, along with behind-the-scenes deets from her new Brat series, Stage Fright, which airs Thurs., March 26 at 12 p.m. PST (and scroll to the very bottom to catch her music video for the show's single, "Someone Else in the Dark").

SH: What are some of your favorite things to do alone?

SM: When I'm alone, I love to play my guitar and write songs. I find myself doing that a lot lately and it brings me so much happiness.

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SH: How have you learned to enjoy your own company?

SM: I know it's been a tough few weeks for everyone. It can be hard not seeing your friends and loved ones, but I've been hopeful that social distancing will help a lot of people. Being homeschooled has definitely helped me deal with this situation. I think having a schedule and making time to do things you love like reading or learning to play an instrument can be really helpful and have helped me enjoy my own company.


SH: What initially made you decide to pursue YouTube and acting? How did you come up with the courage?

SM: I always loved dancing, singing and acting, way before I started my YouTube channel. A lot of my early content is me singing. I'm so thankful I started my YouTube channel because I got to connect with so many amazing people who gave me the courage to keep performing. Growing up, I loved watching YouTube videos and felt inspired by so many talented creators. One day I asked my mom if I could have my own channel and she said yes. The rest is history.


SH: People will spend more time alone now than ever. What's your advice for avoiding boredom?

SM: My personal tip is doing things you like, while being productive. At the end of the day, I love the feeling of being accomplished. Try creating a to-do list and scheduling in time to do things you love, like taking a bath or playing the guitar. That can help a lot!

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SH: What are some of your favorite YouTube channels to watch and TikTok accounts to follow?

SM: I don't have as much time to watch YouTube as much as I used to, but my all-time favorite creators are Liza Koshy and David Dobrik. On TikTok, my favorite accounts are Millie Bobby Brown and Charli D'Amelio. I love TikTok, I have so much fun on there!


SH: What gets you out of low points or slumps?

SM: Everybody has those days when you just feel down, which is perfectly normal. I like to take a long, hot bubble bath, listen to music I love and try to give myself some time off. I usually feel a lot better the next day.


SH: What was your favorite part about filming Stage Fright?

SM: I had the best time filming Stage Fright! We had so many hilarious moments, the cast and crew are so talented and I feel so lucky to be part of it. I loved playing and really getting to know my character, Lizzy. She's such a well-written character and so fun to play. I loved that she's a young girl who is so smart, passionate and funny. I hope that she can be an inspiration to other young girls.

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SH: Who were you closest to on set, and were there any funny behind-the-scenes stories you want to share with your fans?

SM: We all became super close, super fast, so it's hard to just pick one person. On the first day we met, the whole cast actually went to Starbucks, laughed and took a ton of Instagram photos. It felt like we'd been friends forever. On set we used to make TikToks in between shots, which was so much fun.


SH: Anything else you want to add about Stage Fright, social distancing or anything else?

SM: I loved working on Stage Fright! It's such a cool show and I hope that people love it as much as I do. In this particularly tough time, I hope that our show can provide the fans with a little bit of distraction, fun and happiness! Also, don't forget to wash your hands!


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