8 Times Sophie Turner Was the Most Relatable Star on Earth

We're high-key obsessed with Sophie Turner.

This shouldn't be surprising news—the world is pretty much swooning over this powerful gal. She's an amazing actress, she's absolutely hilarious and she's married to a Jonas Brother. It's like she's living the life we always dreamed about, and we're so into it.

Beyond the more obvious qualities that make her stand out, Sophie is just plain cool. In fact, despite her position as one of the most talked-about ladies in Hollywood at the moment, we get the sense that she's more like us than we think.

Don't believe us? Keep scrolling for eight times Sophie Turner was the most relatable star on Earth.

When she couldn't keep her cool around celebrities:

Despite the fact that she's one of the most popular celebrities on Earth right now, Sophie doesn't seem to understand her own status. She's said many a time that she's not good around celebrities, and tends to get a little over-excited and emotional. To prove her point, she posted this picture of her freaking out about Ryan Gosling. It's funny because this is absolutely the face we would make if Ryan Gosling were anywhere near us.

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When she fangirled over Justin Bieber:

Sophie definitely hasn't been quiet about her deep love for Justin Bieber. Just like many teenage girls, a younger Sophie was totally obsessed with the star, complete with a life-sized cardboard cutout. The love was real. So when she met him in person with Joe Jonas, she kind of freaked out. Instead of playing it cool, she ran into a closet and cried, and then made quite a weird face during their first conversation. Painfully relatable.


When she was open about her mental health problems:

As she's grown up in the spotlight, Sophie has made a concentrated effort to be open and honest about her mental health struggles. She talks freely about the internal battles she's faced while learning to love herself, and the challenges she experienced during a particularly dark period. Not only that, she's also encouraged others to find the help and support they need. She works to get rid of the stigma around mental health and to create a space where everyone can face their issues head-on, instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed.


When she and Maisie Williams created a couple name for their relationship:

As if Sophie wasn't incredible enough on her own, we're also totally obsessed with her friendship with Maisie Williams. The pair met while auditioning for Game of Thrones and have been BFFs ever since. They even created their own couple name: Mophie. Do you even have a best friend if you haven't publicly declared your love for one another?

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When she held her own personal concert:

In a video posted to her Instagram, Sophie dances and sings to "Baby One More Time," complete with an attached microphone and giggling friends in the background. If this doesn't remind you of your old PhotoBooth videos circa 2008, then you're wrong.

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When she created her own meme:

This doesn't need any explanation. An amazing actress, a gorgeous person and a meme queen? It simply isn't fair.

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When she needed a little nap:

Being this cool is hard work. Here's a picture of Sophie napping on set. Because everyone deserves a little shut-eye, even if you're in the middle of filming a hit TV series.

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When she married Joe Jonas in a secret ceremony in Vegas:

Sophie and Joe have been engaged since Oct. 2017, but it didn't seem like they were in any rush to get down the aisle. Well, apparently they were tired of waiting because they officially tied in the knot in a surprise Vegas ceremony after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. An Elvis impersonator officiated the wedding and the couple exchanged Ring Pops instead of wedding rings. It might not be the decision all of us would have made, but oh man is it on-brand. We're obsessed with this couple, just as we're obsessed with literally everything Sophie Turner does ever.


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