Clever Instagram Captions for All Your High School Sophomore Pics

Sophomore year of high school is an interesting time.

On one hand, it means you've survived freshman year. On the other, it means you still haven't achieved the coveted title of upperclassman. While you figure things out, don't forget to snap a few photos every now and then—and try using some of the following quotes as your Instagram captions.

For the pic that shows you've learned a lot since you were a freshman:

"Older, wiser and better in every way."


For the shot of you and your fellow second-years laughing it up:

"Live more. Laugh more. Sophomore."

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Peter and Ned in group during P.E.

(Spider-Man: Homecoming via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


For your first major victory of sophomore year:

"I reject the sophomore slump."


For the side-by-side photo showing how much you've grown in just a year:

"Started from the bottom, now we're here."



For the image of you achieving the thing you failed at last year:

"Second year. Second chances."


For your toughest-looking sophomore selfie:

"I'm a sophomore but I'm not soft."


For the pic that reveals how far you've come:

"It is always possible to do a thing better the second time."

-Henry Ford

Glee pilot- Rachel's sophomore audition

(Glee via Fox)


For the group shot of you and your misfit friends:

"Just glad we're not freshmen anymore."


For commemorating the three school years that lie ahead:

"One down, three to go."


For the photo showcasing your small reinvention of yourself:

"I think the sophomore curse happens when you change every bit of yourself."

-Keri Hilson

Gilmore Girls - Rory starts sophomore year

(Gilmore Girls via The CW)


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