Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn Is Back This Halloween

Time waits for no one, and we know this because Halloween candy and treats are already popping up.

Even though we're still more than two months away from All Hallows' Eve, it looks like Sour Patch Candy Corn is upon us.

The snack- and candy-focused Instagram user junkbanter posted a photo of the sweet and sour delight on Wednesday with a caption saying they found the candy at Dollar General.

Not only does junkbanter's post serve as a heads-up that we can already start looking out for Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn and other Halloween sweets, it provides a solid review for anyone curious about the candy hybrid. Their insight is especially valuable if you're worried that being anti-candy corn means the Sour Patch Kids version is not the Halloween treat for you.

As it turns out, it does not. "The best part about this candy corn is that is doesn't taste remotely close to candy corn," according to junkbanter. The reviewer was "pleasantly surprised" and is "especially in love with the grape" ones.

Of course, we understand if Halloween candy in August is a non-starter for you. It's still summer, and you're entitled to enjoy every minute of it while you can. Go forth and do that, because sugar overload will still be waiting for you in October.


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