Here's How to Replicate a Spa Day at Home

Our motto over here at Sweety High is and always be, "Treat yo' self."

If you're having a rough month, week or day, chances are you need to wind down a bit and treat your mind and body to a little rest and relaxation.

Because going to a spa can cost big bucks, we're here to break down how you can set up your own in-home spa day in just six easy steps.

Scroll below to read more and get to pampering! ????????

1. Power Off

If you were to actually visit a spa, you know that rule number one would be absolutely no cell phones. If you're truly trying to relax, you must follow this rule—even if at home!

Power off your cellphone, your laptop, your tablet and whatever other hundreds of tech devices you might have, and truly focus on what you're trying to accomplish: relaxation.

Powering off cell phones

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2. Get Cozy

The number two rule of visiting any fancy spa is you must be cozy. Nothing screams cozy like a warm, fuzzy robe and slippers, amirite?

Head to Target or maybe even Forever 21 and treat yourself to something comfy. Your mind and body will thank you.

Teen girl sitting on a couch and wearing a white robe

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3. Set the Mood

Before you begin to pamper, get your bedroom and bathroom ready.

Set the mood by lighting your fave candle(s) and turning on calming music that will allow you to escape reality if even for a little bit.

We recommend this totally calming playlist on YouTube HERE.

Candles on a coffee table in front of a couch

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4. Prep Some Food and Drinks

If you're really trying to pamper yourself at a spa's level, you must have fancy food and drinks to accompany your experience.

Try making some colorful and healthy detox water with fruit and some finger sandwiches to keep your tummy from rumbling while you relax to your fullest.

This spa water recipe HERE looks divine and these cucumber finger sandwiches HERE are almost too cute to eat.

Detox water with fruit

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5. Set Up Beauty Stations

Now's the time to actually begin your pampering!

Set up stations throughout your room and bathroom that are focused on different parts of your body.

In your bathroom you could have a scrub station in your shower where you give your skin a fresh start, by your sink you could have a hair and face mask station and in your bedroom you can set up a pile of pillows and blankets where you can lounge, munch on some snacks and do your nails.

Moving from station to station will make you truly feel like you're at a luxury spa and not in the comfort of your own bedroom and bathroom. ????

Teen girl with face mask and cucumbers

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6. End With Rest

The final and key component to re-creating a spa day at home is leaving time and space for yourself to stop everything you're doing and just be.

Once your face and hair mask are on and your nails are drying, plop down in a mountain of pillows, crank that calming music up and zone out.

As mentioned before, a spa day is all about refreshing both your body and mind.

Meditate, take a nap or even read a book, just don't focus on anything pertaining to your real-life responsibilities. That's what a spa day is all about, after all. ????

Teen girl asleep with a book on her face

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