The Definitive Ranking of Best Sparkling Water

I'm going to start off by admitting something—I have an obsession with sparkling water.

I know, it's a strange fixation, but it's developed over time.

Back when I quit drinking soda in junior high, I started looking for an alternative fizzy drink that would satisfy my bubbly cravings.

I taste-tested every single carbonated water brand I could find, and as a result, I found my favorites.

Curious to see if your fave sparkling water stacks up? Take a peek at my top seven picks.

7. Arrowhead

Coming in at number seven is good 'ol Arrowhead. One thing I love about this brand is that they offer sparkling water in a variety of flavors, including Black Cherry, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Raspberry Lime. Although I enjoy this water, it's not my favorite, simply because I think it's a little too carbonated for my liking—you'll know what I mean if you're a sparkling water fan.

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6. Dasani

Next on the list is Dasani. Although I'm not a fan of normal Dasani water, I'm an advocate of their sparkling water. It comes in a cute little can in a variety of flavors, including Berry, Black Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry Lemonade and Tropical Pineapple. Black Cherry is hands down my favorite.

5. Schweppes

Swooping in at number five is Schweppes sparkling water. What do I love most about this brand? It's a classic. When I was growing up, this is the brand my mom would buy my family. Maybe it's the taste, maybe it's the nostalgia, but I love it.

4. Poland Springs

Poland Springs, in my opinion, is strikingly similar to Schweppes. It has the perfect amount of fizz and bubbles, however my only complaint is I feel like you can really taste the minerals. This brand has some key flavors, including Lime, Mandarin Orange, Raspberry Lime, Lemon, Black Cherry, Cucumber Melon, Summer Melon, White Peach Ginger, Passion Berry and Strawberry. It gets a 10/10 for flavor options.

3. Perrier

Next we have good old Perrier. I don't know what it is about this brand, but I always feel so fancy drinking it. That alone is why this it pops in at number three.

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2. San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino is nearly tied with Perrier, however it ranks higher in appearance. Again, something about the bottle makes me feel refined.  I'm also a fan of their flavors: Blood Orange, Clementine, Lemon, Pomegranate and Orange.

1. La Croix

And now, without further ado, I present to you the world's best sparkling water—La Croix. From taste, to presentation, to all-around cool factor, La Croix steals this first place spot by a mile. Not to mention, they have my favorite flavor of all time—Pamplemousse (aka Grapefruit)—down to a science.


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