These Minnie Mouse Makeup Bags and Brushes Are Just as Adorable as the Disney Icon

Minnie Mouse is one of the only rodents most of us want in our homes, and she has just found another possible way in.

Adding to the countless cute Disney-inspired products out there already, Spectrum Collections has unveiled its adorable Minnie Mouse makeup bags and brushes. The brush company shared a photo via Instagram and revealed that the products will be on sale starting Aug. 8.

As you can see above, the Minnie Mouse products feature colors the Disney character herself would definitely approve of: pink, yellow, red and more. She makes plenty of appearances on the bags in particular, with her usual bow. This one is polka-dotted and multi-colored, and it looks great with the black or metallic pink of many of the bags.

The products all capture Minnie's vibe well, just like the brand's other Disney products do; Spectrum Collections has drawn inspiration from The Little Mermaid in the past.

Now, there's good news and bad news regarding the Minnie Mouse bags and brushes. We'll start with the bad: If you live outside of the U.K.—where the company is based—you won't be able to find the bags and brushes in stores.

The company's post says they'll debut on Aug. 8 exclusively at the Spectrum Collections store on Carnaby Street. They will go on sale online at noon on Aug. 9, but they may only be available to customers in the U.K., European Union and Australia, based on the company's Instagram post. However, the good news is that the brand's products do ship internationally, so it's still possible that more of us will have a chance to add some more Minnie to our lives.

Even if we don't end up with any of the makeup accessories or tools in our own homes, we'll still feel good just knowing that they're out there.

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