Spencer Sutherland Unveiled: On Music & More

Spencer Sutherland is a singer-songwriter from Ohio who might be best known for his work with the pop rock and reggae duo, Emblem3. On January 13, he released his fantastic new Unveiled EP, so we spoke with Spencer to get the inside scoop on his new songs and more.

Specer Sutherland poses to promote his new EP, unveiled

On his start in music…

I've loved to sing my whole life, ever since I was little. It wasn't until high school that I realized I didn't want to work a regular job, so I started playing and singing in little hole in the wall restaurants and places for maybe 15 people. I realized I loved to perform live. As I progressed and played bigger shows, I realized it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

On his new Unveiled EP…

The four songs on the EP are about something that everyone goes through at some point in their lives and each song has its own message. Everyone that's listened to it so far is really happy that they can relate to it and that they can put it in their own world.

On the song "Nothing Can Hurt Me"

When I write a song, it really has to come from something that's happened to me, or it just doesn't feel like it's real. "Nothing Can Hurt Me" is a true story. It's about feeling you're on top of the world and you're invincible, but you have one kryptonite, and it happens to be the person that's most important to you. The whole message of the song is nothing can hurt me, but you. It's like the only thing in the world, you know?

On co-writing the Together Forever EP with Emblem3…

It was so fun. First of all, they're my best friends, so it didn't really feel like work. We're just sitting there writing songs and having the time of our lives. We would get started at 11 or 12 in the afternoon and we would write, then take a break and come back and write and we'd look at our phones and it's midnight. We just wrote for 12 hours! To be able to co-write for the first time for someone else and have my words put out at that scale and that caliber was definitely amazing. When I toured with them, we would get up and we'd work out then we'd play our shows. It went way too quick because being with your best friends is so much fun and that's what we were doing.

On making music…

I'd have to say the most rewarding thing about making music is the reaction from my fans. When they get really, really happy and excited, that makes everything worth it to me. I know every artist says this, but without fans, I can't do what I do. Just making them happy is the most rewarding part. I just want to let my fans know how much they mean to me and how much I love them.

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