Spencer Sutherland Is All About SpongeBob Impressions, Dogs and Travel Souvenirs

Seriously, if you haven't listened to Spencer Sutherland yet, you're missing out on the finer things in life.

All good, though—we're here for you. We have everything you need to know about the "Let Me Love You" singer. As our #MCM this week, we discovered a few things about Spencer including his spirit animal, what he likes to collect touring on the road and more.

Read on for all the details and what else he had to share with us!

Spencer Sutherland #MCM art

(Photo Credit: Lexie Alley)

Name: Spencer Sutherland

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio

Birthday: Aug. 31

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. He is majorly obsessed with his black lab Max from back home. "My mom always puts him on FaceTime so I get to see him a lot," Spencer told Sweety High. Who wouldn'be obsessed with a face like that!?

I love u, I'll see u in a couple months buddy. ❤️????

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2. Coincidentally, his spirit animal is a puppy, because he's curious and eager to explore the rest of the world, but mostly because "I'm cuddly," he said. We'll cuddle with either of these cuties any day! ????

3. The number one thing on his bucket list is playing a sold out world tour. He says he could then "die happy." With a voice like that, we have no doubt he can make that dream a reality.

4. He loves keeping a little piece of each place he visits with him. "I collect coffee mugs from every city that I've ever performed in," he said. "Also, every hotel I've stayed at, I keep the key. I have a whole drawer full of hotel keys."

5. Heights are not his thing. TBH, they freak him out a little. He doesn't seem to have a problem dancing it out on this one below, though, so mad props to him. As a bonus, he did say that "as long as I have someone holding my hand I'm good." We gladly extend our hand to you, Spencer. ????


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6. He's totally one of us. A self-proclaimed music addict, it might be an understatement to call his collection extensive.

7. He has a low-key talent that we completely envy. "I do a lot of impersonations—anyone from Elvis to SpongeBob!"


8. And his new music video for "Selfish" is totally swoon-worthy!


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