7 Ways to Spice Up Your Kraft Mac and Cheese

Fall and comfort food go hand in hand, but sometimes you want to spice up your favorite dish a little.

If you happen to be a fan of mac and cheese, below are seven easy ways to spice up your fave Kraft meal.


Did someone say bacon? Bacon is amazing alone but imagine adding it to your savory mac and cheese. Most certainly endgame. Find the recipe HERE.

Mac and cheese with bacon

(via Carnal Dish)



Adding breadcrumbs to your mac and cheese will not only add flavor, but it will give THIS dish a rewarding texture. They can be sprinkled right on top of your mac and cheese before you pop it in the oven, so it doesn't require too much extra work on your part.

Breadcrumb topped mac and cheese recipe from Jessica Gavin

(via Jessica Gavin)


Chopped Veggies

Whether you are a fan of veggies or not, vegetables are far tastier when noodles and cheese are involved. Anything from steamed broccoli or cooked carrots will make great additions to your mac and cheese. Try THIS broccoli mac and cheese recipe.

Broccoli mac and cheese recipe from White on Rice Couple

(via White on Rice Couple)


Hot Dog

I think in our lifetime we've all  had a hot dog with a side of mac and cheese. HERE is the real game changer—chopped up hot dogs in your mac and cheese. Sure it's simple, but also undeniably delightful.

Mac and cheese and hotdog

(via Kraft Recipes)


Apple Sauce With Apple Sausage

THIS one sounds a little different, but we can't say it doesn't sound entertaining. In an odd way, it sounds like the perfect fall meal. Will you give it a try?

baked Mac and cheese in bowl

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Mushrooms are amazing with other pasta dishes, so why should we leave mac and cheese out? THIS recipe will give it a little something extra and add a nice texture while taking a bite of this comfort food.

Mushroom mac and cheese recipe from Girl Gone Gourmet

(via Girl Gone Gourmet)


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