Use These Spider-Man: Far From Home Quotes as Your Next Instagram Caption

There isn't a more relatable superhero than Peter Parker as Spider-Man, which might be why so many of his quotes double as Instagram captions.

Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray, why don't you use one of these memorable lines from your movie as your next caption?  

For your slightly mysterious selfie:

"It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves."

-Quentin Beck


For that post after a particularly jarring episode of your fave reality show:

"Just making rounds, seeing if anyone needs any emotional counseling after today's traumatic events."

-Mr. Harrington


For your pic from a sunny beach when it's exactly what you needed:

"I need this vacation. I need a break."

-Peter Parker


For that pic of your handsome date to the dance:

"He's got a dope suit, he watches out for the neighborhood, and I really respect him."

-Flash Thompson


(Spider-Man: Far From Home via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


For the pic celebrating your friend for a big accomplishment:

"I've known first and I've known longer but, it's not a competition."

-Ned Leeds


For the photo of you learning something new:

"I used to know everything and I come back five years later and I know nothing."

-Nick Fury


For when you order a huge dessert all to yourself:

"You don't want any part of this."

-Quentin Beck


(Spider-Man: Far From Home via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


For when you want to brag about that A+:

"Don't ever apologize for being the smartest one in the room."

-Quentin Beck


For when you've been away from your new puppy for like an hour and you can't wait to get home to him:

"Everywhere I go, I see his face. I just really miss him."

-Peter Parker


For your most regal OOTD:

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown."

-Nick Fury


For your pic from a volunteer day:

"I didn't think I was going to have to save the world this summer."

-Peter Parker


(Spider-Man: Far From Home via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)


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