Is Pixel Hair Art the Next Big Beauty Trend?

2017 has already brought us glow-in-the-dark, blorange and creamsicle hairstyles, but this Spider-Man pixel art hair might be the most exciting look of the year.

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Developed by Hong Kong hairstylist Justin Wong, this look was not easy to pull off. First, he had to develop his pixel art look on paper.

Then, he had to carefully add each individual pixel to the hair, one at a time, until the look was completed. The model also had to be careful not to move around too much or the whole look would have been ruined.

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Best of all, it would be possible to sport this hairstyle while still remaining low-key about your geekiness. Spider-Man doesn't become visible until you separate the hair just right.

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We're crossing our fingers hoping we'll see other Marvel hero hairstyles in the near future!


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