This Adorable Stag Beetle Creates His Own Art—and You Can Own a Piece of It

In the matter of just one week, Spike the beetle has managed to amass more than 45,000 Twitter followers thanks to his artistic prowess and sweet beetle demeanor.

His mighty pincers enable him to hold a marker steady, and he's created some pretty impressive art with them.

If you've ever wanted to own a masterpiece by an insect, now's your chance, because Spike's first-ever drawing is currently up on eBay in an auction  ending on Jul. 16. As of this writing it's going for $316, but we can definitely see someone shelling out even more for the piece.

15% of the proceeds from Spike's art will also go toward the People's Trust for Endangered Species, which works to protect the natural habitats of stag beetles.

Spike lives in Japan with his owner, Mandy, a female stag beetle named Sally and a pair of rainbow stags named Julius and Cleo. Their family picnics are a sight to behold.

We've already managed to learn a few lessons from Spike, including the importance of taking a break from your work every once in a while.

He also occasionally helps Mandy with dinner—to a degree.

We think it's only a matter of time before Spike becomes one of the most famous internet pets. In the meantime, we're definitely following him on Instagram.

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