These Are Spirit Halloween's Most Popular Costumes of 2017

The "it" costume of last year was DC Comic's Harley Quinn after the release of the much anticipated film.

But this year, some old and some new pop-culture pieces are coming together to form the hottest costumes of the season.

Spirit Halloween, our one-stop shop for all things haunts and costumes, revealed to us the most popular costumes of 2017 thus far.

From throwbacks to current pop-culture, we give to you the round up of this company's must-have outfits:

1. Stranger Things Gang

It looks like the kids of Hawkins are ranking high on the Halloween costume list for the second year in a row. But who can blame everyone? This gang makes for the perfect group costume, ranging from Eleven to the string lights wall. If there's one accessory you can't hesitate to snag, it's the Eggo waffle inspired purse!

Eleven pink dress costume

(via Spirit Halloween)

Barb Stranger Things costume

(via Spirit Halloween)

Eggo waffle purse

(via Spirit Halloween)


2. Social Media Mayhem

Whether you want to bring your favorite Snapchat filter to life or you want to live out your soul-emoji all night long, you certainly aren't alone. Spirit Halloween provides everything you need to live your social media dreams IRL… except for the wifi, that is.

Snapchat flower crown

(via Spirit Halloween)

Snapchat dog filter

(via Spirit Halloween)


3. The Sanderson Sisters

As '90s kids, it's an honor to announce that Hocus Pocus inspired costumes are trending this Halloween. It's like a flashback to the best days of our lives! While you and your besties can sport the Sanderson Sisters outfits, don't forget to include Binx in your group costume.

Winifred Sanderson costume

(via Spirit Halloween)

Mary Sanderson wig

(via Spirit Halloween)



From Wonder Woman to Moana and Belle to… JoJo Siwa? That's right, these fab ladies are big sellers this Halloween. The upside is that you have plenty of options when picking a popular costume at Spirit. When choosing your Wonder Woman costume, you can go with the '70s classic, recreate the Gal Gadot's getup or even enjoy the comfort of an Amazonian one-piece. While these ladies all represent #girlpower, they each do it in their own unique way.

Wonder Woman costume

(via Spirit Halloween)

Belle evening gown costume

(via Spirit Halloween)


5. Stellar Extraterrestrial

Dress out-of-this-world this Halloween with everything from alien-inspired costumes to Steven Universe attire. While these pieces are flying off the racks, you can get creative and embody whichever kind of extraterrestrial you're vibing. Will you go as little green men or opt for being a purple people eater?

Alien costume

(via Spirit Halloween)


6. '90s Throwbacks

While you may dress in '90s fashion year-round, Spirit Halloween is selling out of their pre-millennium costumes consisting of TV show outfits, Clueless inspired accessories and totally rad cool guy getups. Don't be a loser, loser, double loser, as if, whatever, get the picture? Duh!

Smiley face backpack

(via Spirit Halloween)

Hey Arnold's Helga costume

(via Spirit Halloween)


7. Steampunk

Spirit Halloween has an immense collection of Steampunk attire so you can get your collision of Victorian fashion and science fiction on this holiday. From clockwork earrings to aviator goggles, this shop has everything you'll need to express your Steampunk self.

Steampunk costume

(via Spirit Halloween)


8. Food Food Food

Food may expire but it certainly never goes out of style. This year you can go as ice cream, tacos, hot dogs and even breakfast. We're getting hungry just thinking about it!

Bacon and eggs couple costume

(via Spirit Halloween)


9. DIY All Day

If you want to go as a popular character but you don't necessarily want to wear the exact same costume as everyone else, you can mix and match accessories and pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind look. Spirit offers tons of individual pieces so that you can stand out from the crowd of popular costumes.

DIY mix and match black cat accessories

(via Spirit Halloween)


If you aren't so big on going big with your Halloween costume, click HERE for outfit ideas for those of us who don't love to dress up.