I Tried Splat's Hair Chalk—Here's Which Color I Liked Best

Switching up your hair color is a great way to express yourself, but it isn't always the easiest thing to do.

Dyeing your hair over and over again when going from color to color can leave it totally damaged. And if you end up not liking the color, you're stuck with it for quite a bit.

What's a girl to do when she wants to try out a new hair color without ruining her hair? Put down the box of dye and opt for Splat's hair chalk.

With a line of 10 various colors, you're sure to find one that suits your needs, whether it be purple, pink or even green.

Splat sent over four of their top-selling colors—Sugar Plum, Sun Kissed, Pink Hearts and Violet Sky—for me to try. Keep scrolling to see which one I liked best.

Splat's Sugar Plum, Sun Kissed, Pink Hearts and Violet Sky hair chalk colors

(Colors from left to right: Sugar Plum, Sun Kissed, Pink Hearts and Violet Sky)

On the side of each box, there's a note that the color may stain. It's advised to put a towel on your shoulders before you use the color in your hair. I ended up tying an old T-shirt over my shoulders to keep my dress hair chalk free.

The directions mention your hair should be dry when using the chalk. Also, hairspray is required to better keep the color in your hair.

With my hairspray in hand and tee over my shoulders, I got to work testing the colors.

Sugar Plum

At first glance, I wasn't too sure how well this color would show up in my dark brunette locks. It ended up being more vibrant than I expected. It was a nice pop of color to my hair, without being too intense.

This color might be a little too bold for lighter hair, but I think it looks fantastic in darker locks.

Girl wearing Splat's Sugar Plum hair chalk in her hair


Sun Kissed

Though the picture makes it look more natural, I wasn't a fan of how this shade looked in my hair. It was a little too drastic and didn't blend as well with my brunette locks as the pic suggests.

Those with lighter hair colors can totally rock this chalk in their hair. It will have your hair glistening in the sun even more than it already does.

Girl wearing Splat's Sun Kissed hair chalk


Pink Hearts

This color is definitely more daring than the others I tried, which is why I was nervous to put it in my hair. I'm all for standing out, but I feel weird when attention is drawn to me—and putting this color in your hair will for sure do just that.

Although it was more colorful than the rest, it wasn't nearly as vivid as I was expecting. I was super into how it looked mixed in with my brunette strands, but I wouldn't go crazy with it. One pop of color is enough for me.

I must admit, I did like this one the best.

Girl wearing Splat's Pink Hearts hair chalk


Violet Sky

Of all the colors I received, I was the most excited to try this one. I recently attempted to dye my hair purple myself, but it didn't turn out so well, which is why my hair is currently brunette. It's a long story. Anyway, I was excited to finally have some purple in my hair.

Because my hair is so dark and the color is so light, it ended up turning a little greyish in my hair—whomp, whomp. I think it'd look amazing in lighter hair colors though.

Girl wearing Splat's Violet Sky hair chalk


Overall Thoughts

Using each of the hair chalks was super easy, especially because they came with easy-to-use applicator brushes to help you glide the colors through your hair. But the colors still did get everywhere. Luckily, it was easy to clean up the mess I left behind.

And having to use hairspray wasn't my favorite thing, as I sprayed too much on each strand and it left my hair a little bit coarse and sticky. Not ideal.

Experimenting with the hair chalk is so much fun though that it makes you forget about these minor annoyances. It goes on easy, stays in your hair and the best part is, it doesn't cause any damage. It really is the perfect way to test out a new color before you end up trying to dye all of your hair one crazy shade.

With each of Splat's hair chalks costing $6 at Ulta, they're a total bargain. So find the colors you like and take them for a test spin. It doesn't hurt.


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