How To Win Splatoon (And Have INKredible Fun In the Process)

The new video game Splatoon for the Nintendo Wii U combines paintballing and water gun fights, plus the ability to transform from kid to squid and back again, into a totally unforgettable gaming experience. The game is out today, May 29, and we've got some tips to make you a master in no time!

1. Get Fresh

splatoon tips callie and mari stay fresh level 4

When you first stumble into Inkopolis, you'll find that a LOT of the world is closed of to you. From the beginning, you're going to want to head into the multiplayer Turf War to build experience, level up and get fresh, but most of all, have fun. Every level up will let you purchase new weapons, but once you get to level 4, you'll be fresh enough to start buying sweet outfits and more.

2. Master the Turf War!

splatoon tips master the turf war

The Turf War is all about painting the area in your teams color, and making sure the opposite team doesn't get the chance to do so. It's 4 players against 4 players, so make every second count! Rack up points by painting unclaimed area, or even more by painting over your opponents' colors. The more points you personally get, the faster you can level up. Walls DON'T count, so don't waste your time unless it can give you the advantage. If you win the round you get 300 bonus points, which is crucial if you want to level up quickly. Wondering if a slope counts? Think of what Judd the judging cat can see from his aerial view at the end of the round!

3. To splat, or not to splat?

splatoon tips to splat or not to splat

During Turf War, you can also use your weapons to splat your enemies, forcing them back to their spawn point, where they'll lose precious time. Of course, going after baddies puts you in the crossfire, as well. Sometimes it's worth going out of your way to get them, but sometimes it's better to just let them go while you sneak behind them and paint over their colors. Definitely remember not to waste your time splatting when you could be painting.

4. Learn the land

splatoon tips learn the lay of the land

Every day there are 2 different Turf War maps in the multiplayer mode. As you play, get to know the lay of the land so you can start scheming up some strategies to bring down your opponents as quickly as possible.

5. Be a squid now

splatoon tips you're a kid now squid now

You can travel quickly through ink of your team's color by transforming into a squid and rapidly swimming through it. The squid form is also great for sneaking around enemies. Of course, you'll get stuck in your enemies colors if you walk into them, so paint everything in sight and try to trap your enemies behind your color so they can't squirm out of it!

6. Find the weapon that's right for YOU

splatoon tips find the weapon that suits you

No matter your style, there's going to be a sweet Splatoon weapon that you're going to love. They range from Super Soaker-like spray guns to massive paint rollers and charge weapons with long range and deadly accuracy. As they're unlocked, you can test out each one at the shop to find the style that's perfectly you. There are also sub-weapons and charged abilities you need to discover for yourself!

7. Take a leap of faith

splatoon tips learn to utilize the super jump

Take advantage of the Super Jump in Turf Wars! When you look at your gamepad, you'll be able to see where your teammates are on the map. Tap one of them, and you'll instantly jump all the way to their location. It's super handy for clearing a ton of space instantly, but be careful, because enemies will be able to see where you're landing!

8. Keep an eye on the map

splatoon tips keep an eye on your map and super jump

Whenever you're splatted, take a look at your map. If you see a huge area in the enemy character that looks unguarded, go for it! You might just turn the tide in your favor, and you'll get a ton of points in the process. Super Jump, anyone?

9. Befriend Judd

splatoon tips befriend judd the judging cat

Judd is an adorably fat cat who judges all Turf Wars. Talk to him outside of battle and he'll grant you some really good advice. Plus, if you're consistently winning your battles, he'll grant you some extra coins to buy goodies with!

10. Rock your own unique style

splatoon tips rock a unique style

Once you get to level 4, you can start buying fresh hats, tops and shoes. Not only do they allow you to customize your character to your own style, but every piece of clothing comes with added in-battle bonuses from faster ink refill to invisibility in your squid form and the ability to sniff out enemy bombs. Mix and match your bonuses for the biggest effect.

11. Do NOT forget the single player mode

splatoon tips play the single player in octo valley

Splatoon's single player mode is somehow just as much fun as the multiplayer, plus you get bonuses for completing areas. Follow that old man under the manhole cover to the right of Judd to find the dreaded Octo Valley! Defeating each boss unlocks another weapon to test out and potentially buy, and the big bonus for taking down the final boss is definitely worth the effort.

12. Collect the Sunken Scrolls

splatoon tips collect the sunken scrolls

Technically, only the ones on the boss battles really give you anything, but making the effort to find the Sunken Scrolls hidden about each level is a fun challenge that will just make you better at the game, revealing the incredible mythology behind how the Inklings came to be in the process.

13. Be part of the Miiverse

splatoon squidward smells good miiverse graffiti

Splatoon has integrated Miiverse posts in a totally new way, featuring gamer drawings as graffiti throughout the game's main hub as well as in the levels. People get totally creative with amazing art, SpongeBob SquarePants memes and other puns about being a squid now, then a kid now, that will have you literally LOLing. Post your own drawing to the Miiverse and contribute! 

(via Nintendo Dojo)

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