Spoiler Alert: Get The Exclusive Deets On Season 3 of Glee

Get excited Gleeks! Rumors about three new students joining McKinley High have hit the web, and they sound fantastic.

We hear there are going to be some fabulous new additions to our favorite Glee club,  New Directions.

The first rumored character is Sugar, a total drama queen. From what we have heard she is going to stir up some major drama among the glee club and she doesn't even have the voice to back herself up. Apparently she cannot sing without the help of autotune.

Next is Sheila, a fierce, rebellious rocker who has a flock of mean girls with her at all times. And from what we have read online, she's going to bring trouble to one of our beloved gleeks.

And finally, we have Bubba. Bubba is actually Mercedes' new boyfriend! Reportedly, Mercedes will have met Bubba over the summer and their relationship continues into season 3.

We can't wait for the season three premiere on September 20th, and we especially can't wait to meet all of these new characters!