Spoiler Alert: Glee Season 3 Goes in a New Direction

We are all super excited for the premiere of "Glee" this September, but lately we've been hearing a lot of rumors about what Season 3 has to offer.

From what we've heard, Blaine (Darren Criss) will be transferring from the Dalton Warblers to the New Directions!

Apparently, the transition will involve the Cheerios singing with Blaine! They'll be singing Tom Jones's "It's Not Unusual."

We've also recently seen pics of Dianna Agron (Quinn) out and about with some hot pink hair! The blonde beauty tweeted that it was "for work," but that's about all she would say!

Dianna Agron is also going to be involved in a fire. Apparently she will accidentally set the piano on fire with a cigarette.

We're hoping to see some more relationships in season 3. What's going to happen with  Rachel and Finn? Are there going to be some new relationships?

September 20th can't come soon enough!!