8 Sporty Date Ideas That Are Fun, No Matter How Athletic You Are

Forget dinner and a movie—get moving instead.

Even if you're not much of an athlete, sporty outings can be a lot of fun. They give you and your date a chance to do an activity together, which adds an extra layer of excitement. You can challenge yourselves, and maybe even teach each other something new. As long as you don't take it too seriously and are willing to laugh at yourselves, you're bound to have fun.

Read on for eight sporty date ideas that are fun, no matter how athletic you are.

Couple ice skating

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Ice skating and roller skating aren't super easy to master, but you and your date can muddle through them together. It's always exciting to see how much better you get the more laps you do. Plus, if one of you is steady in skates, you can hold hands as you go.



Bowling is an oldie but goodie. You and your date can bond over your attempts to throw strikes, and laugh off your mistakes. There are always bumpers if you need them, too.


Laser Tag

Team up with your date or take them on in a game of laser tag. It's a great group activity if you want to bring other friends. No matter how many of you go, it is fun to run around, hide, strategize and sneak up on your unsuspecting targets.


Walking or Hiking

There's a reason why "long walks on the beach" are a cliché: Going for a stroll or a hike together is a great chance to hold hands, talk and see some lovely views. You can find a trail that's as easy or strenuous as you like, plus you can add in a picnic or stop for a swim, if that sounds like fun to you.

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Even if your hand-eye coordination could use some work, batting is an amusing activity. There's something so satisfying about getting a solid hit. You and your date can either find a local batting cage or try to pitch to each other. Tip: We recommend starting with a softball and slow pitches unless you really want to challenge yourself.



If you can find a body of water and a place that rents canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards or the like, you can make a splash with your date. You don't need all that much skill to start off with any of them; they're entertaining even when you're just accidentally paddling in circles. Just remember to wear life jackets!

Girl playing mini golf

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Mini Golf

Playing mini golf is another fantastic date activity. Again, you don't need to be a pro to enjoy it; you just have to keep going. You and your date can encourage each other on as you get through all the obstacles, or you can engage in some playful trash talk.


Go to a Game

Sometimes, you just want to cheer on other people's athletic accomplishments, and that's fine. There are all kinds of options if you want to spectate. You can try going to one of your school's sporting events, a nearby minor league team's or even catch some pros playing—it all depends on what makes sense for you and your date.


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