The 6 Unmissable Spotify Original Podcasts You HAVE to Check Out

If you're anything like us, you're already on the Spotify app for several hours every day. It's our favorite place to easily access our favorite tunes and podcasts—but did you know that it's also the home to loads of fantastic Spotify Original podcasts that you can't get anywhere else?

If you haven't yet dug into the world of Spotify Originals, let us be your guides, and refer you to the six Spotify podcasts you can't afford to miss.

1. Adulting With Joyce Pring

Even for listeners are who aren't adults just yet, Adulting With Joyce Pring is a thoughtful and comprehensive guide on how to survive your 20s, from a host who's going through it all herself for the first time. Whether you're dealing with breakups, mental health or just new and confusing circumstances, Joyce Pring gives some insight through her insightful conversations with other 20-somethings about how to figure out the whole adulting thing.

Spotify Adulting With Joyce Pring podcast

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2. Call Her Daddy

Alex Cooper'Call Her Daddy is the empowering, judgment-free podcast you've always been waiting for. Alex shares her best relationship advice while telling some hilariously nightmarish dating stories and having frank discussions with awesome celebrity guests, all with a feminist twist and an eye on tearing down misogyny.

Spotify Call Her Daddy podcast

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3. Forbidden Fruits

Forbidden Fruits may be a new podcast on the block, but that doesn't make it any less bingeable. Co-hosted by Julia Fox and Niki Takesh, the podcast features the two discussing the biggest (and most highly debated) cultural topics of the age, and they are never afraid to hold back on their opinions and hot takes. So far, the show has also featured a number of controversial guests, with Julia and Niki just trying to get to know the humans behind the controversies.

Spotify Forbidden Fruits podcast

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4. Obsessed

The concept behind Obsessed is simple—what are best friends/comedians Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone obsessed with at the moment? Whether they're talking about celebrities, movies and TV, the latest scandals or just the weirdest ideas that are inhabiting their heads, they're always an entertaining blast to listen to—and you'll learn a whole lot about what's going on in pop culture along the way.

Spotify Obsessed podcast

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5. Storybooth Daily

Storybooth Daily is another relatively new addition to Spotify Originals, but it's a worthy listen for anyone who appreciates a dose of reality in their podcasts. Hosted by Jordyn Rolling, the podcast shares new, real-life stories from real people around the world every weekday. Not only are these stories quite personal, and from different people's unique and diverse perspectives, but they touch on the subjects that we all relate to. We also love that it's a different story, and storyteller, every time, so there'always something new to dig into.

Spotify storybooth daily podcast

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6. We Said What We Said

We Said What We Said is hosted by long-time best friends Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion, who share their weekly takes on everything from pop culture and relationships to how they deal when they're struggling. There's no topic they won't broach, and they approach everything with a sharp sense of humor and blunt honesty—and it's not too unusual that they break out into song, either.

Spotify we said what we said podcast

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