When you’re putting together the perfect Spotify playlist, having an eye-catching playlist cover can be just as important as the songs and the name of the playlist itself.

But not everyone has access to great photo-editing software—or the know-how to make images really pop—and so we have to resort to hours of searching to find the perfect images to encapsulate what we’re listening to. Need a little help in that department? Here are some Spotify playlist cover ideas for all of your musical needs.

For Easy Listening

Sometimes, playlists can defy genres, or even moods. They’re just a collection of tunes you love and want pumped into your ears pretty much 24/7. For cases like those, we think simple playlist covers featuring listening devices get the job done while being eye-catching and representative of your powerful love for music.

Spotify playlist cover: 3D Rendering Yellow headphones isolated on blue background

Spotify playlist cover: Modern wireless earbuds headphones lying in a charging case isolated on white background.

Spotify playlist cover: pink retro jukebox


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Guitar Tunes

Whether you’re creating a playlist focused on rock, blues or country, chances are that the guitar is going to be at the heart of the songs you’re selecting. Why not represent those beloved tracks with the iconic and instantly recognizable image of a guitar?

Spotify playlist coer: Music concept. Acoustic guitar isolated on a dark background under beam of light with smoke with copy space. Guitar Strings, close up. Selective focus. Fire effects. Surreal guitar

Sptofy playlist cover: neon guitar sign

Spotify playlist cover: Close Up Of Male Musical Performer Playing On Brown Electric Guitar.




Playful Pianos

The piano is such a versatile instrument, and whether you’re listening to modern piano-backed pop ballads or classical music that transports you to previous centuries, the instrument, with its well-known black and white keys, will be just the thing to use as a playlist cover.

Spotify playlist cover: Isolated hands playing on the piano, dark background

Spotify playlist cover:abstract piano on green background

Spotify playlist cover: Grand piano in cement and concrete interior architecture. Art and musical instruments.Musical background.Piano music concept.3d illustration


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Musical Figures

Often the best way to capture the mood of the playlist you’re making is with an image of someone enjoying its music just the way you would. There’s nothing like wearing your favorite pair of big headphones and jamming out to your favorite songs, and these pics match that feel.

Spotify playlist cover: Stylish fashion teenager model wearing hoodie and headphones listening dj music dancing in purple neon lights. Young teen girl enjoy cool music 90s party mix in violet studio background. Copy space.

Spotify playlist cover: Party and holiday style. Pretty girl with shiny make-up and shiny dress listening to music in headphones and dancing in blue and pink light.

Spotify playlist cover: Neon light portrait of bearded smiling man in headphones, sunglasses, white t-shirt. Listening to music


Music Notes

And lastly, what represents music better than the notes that allow artists to bring it to life? Not only are musical notes immediately recognizable, but they’re also super stylish, making a pretty cool accent to any playlist covers you decide to add to Spotify.

Spotify playlist cover: Abstract woman hands touching music notes on nature background, music concept

Spotify playlist cover: Sillouthe of a man putting music notes on wires . Concept of a crazy composer

Spotify playlist cover: Portrait of the bright beautiful emotional woman with art make-up listen music with notes on dark background


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