11 Spring 2021 Fashion Trends Every Parisian Girl In Training Needs to Know

Don't you wish you could be enjoying a picnic under the Eiffel Tower right now? Yeah, us too.

Since we don't have the luxury to snap our fingers and jetset to Paris, we figured the best way to bring it home to us is through fashion. Paris Fashion Week debuted all sorts of fashion trends for SS21, and we're obsessed.

Feel like copying the styles? Keep scrolling for 11 Spring 2021 fashion trends every Parisian girl in training needs to know.

1. Leather

Leather isn't going away anytime soon. Whether you opt for pants, a moto-style jacket or even shoes in leather, you'll be looking fab while rocking the trend. We're especially loving blacks and browns!


2. Pastels

Pastels for spring is no surprise, but we sure are happy it's made a comeback. Neutrals have been at the forefront for a while, and we love that we're about to start seeing pastel hues all over our IG feeds.


3. Tracksuits

Ever since the start of COVID, we've been wearing loungewear for the most part. We're so glad tracksuits are here to stay—especially ones that match.


4. Menswear

We love a masculine moment, especially when it comes to fashion. This spring, expect to see a lot of menswear-inspired clothing. From trousers to blazers, it's all a dream!

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5. Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves have been around for a couple of years, but we especially love them during the spring. The dainty and whimsical vibe they give off is major goals.

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6. Mesh and Fishnets

We love it when a trend comes back years later, and that's exactly what's happening with mesh and fishnets. This reimagined trend is so fun for the spring, whether it's a top, tights or something else.


7. '90s Strappy Sandals

Is there anything better than '90s trends? The classic strappy sandals from that decade are officially here to make a comeback, and we think it's the perfect spring shoe.


8. Barbie Pink

Pink is back and better than ever this spring. Barbie pink is our pick when it comes to the shade, and we think it would look amazing on your IG or TikTok feed.


9. Wide Leg Pants

By now you know that skinny jeans are out, but we're honestly not mad about it! We love the wide-leg pant trend because it's so much more loose-fitting and all-around comfortable. Plus, it gives off a super vintage vibe.


10. Knitwear

Knits are going to be a total showstopper this spring. From matching sets to sweaters to crop tops and more, knitwear is a trend we think everyone can get behind.

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11. Cutouts

Cutouts are going to be all the rage this spring. Whether it's on a dress, top or even bottoms, we think this trend is about to take over. We especially love it for a hot spring day!


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