Planning a Spring Break Getaway? Here's What You Need

Are you and the besties planning a spring break getaway this year?

If you are, it's time to make a list of what you need to pack. Although it will vary from place to place, and depending on what you'll be getting up here,  here's an organized list of the things you'll need for each type of vacation in every type of climate.

what to pack for spring break

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1. Snowy Mountain Adventures

What should you bring to a snow-filled vacation? We'll tell you. Depending on how long you go, the amount you'll need to bring will vary, but after you get all your essentials and toiletries packed, don't forget some cozy socks and a beanie. Fleece layers are an excellent idea for keeping warm and adding an oversized coat or puffer over will keep you warm during in cool climates. Weather-proof boots are essential in case you'll be walking through the snow. Also, bringing leggings and some extra layers is also a great idea.

A cozy winter wonderland

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2. Beach Town Living

If you're headed to the beach this spring break, don't forget a beach bag, sunglasses and a protective hat as you throw in your bathing suits. It's a great idea to take a bag to put your bathing suits in after using and before repacking to come home. Beyond this, pack an array of clothes, both dresses and pants with shirts. Of course, this all depends on where exactly you'll be going, but, bright two-piece sets are all the rave at the moment—and we think they should definitely need to be packed for this vacation.


3. Tropical Vibes

While a tropical vacation will be similar to your typical beach vacation in many ways, places closer to the equator can tend to be more humid. That's why it's wise to bring appropriate, breathable clothing to wear out to dinner, as well as on your more adventurous activities. Plus, tropical weather means you'll practically be living in a bathing suit the whole trip, so pack a few to cover your bases.

Tropical vacations are full of bathing suit fun

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4. Cozy Camping

Camping is a whole other type of vacation. For this, you must make sure to pack your camping gear and supplies. This includes the tent, food, appliances to make the food, lots of water, lights, sleeping bags, bug spray, extra blankets and, of course, your favorite pillow. Flannels are an essential part of camping—especially for those chilly nights around the campfire—so grab your favorite and one of your favorite hats. And bring a bathing suit just in case!


6. Countryside Relaxation

Countryside vacations are all about relaxing and unwinding. Being out in the country can make you feel much calmer due to the open atmosphere—while opening up all kinds of opportunities for adventure. Plan your outfits according to any excursions you'll be going on. Also make sure to bring a hat, dresses, sandals and your journal to document the entire thing.
relaxing countryside vacation

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7. Classic Desert Trip

You might decide to take a trip to the desert for all kinds of reasons, from camping to visiting family to sightseeing or simply tanning. Whatever you'll be up to, pack light, because it will be hot during the day. However, don't forget that it can also get super cold at night, so pack some cozy clothes to make it through the evenings, too.


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