How to Make the Most of Your Spring Break

Never underestimate the power of a week!

When it comes to spring break, the five days we get off from school will come and go quicker than you can say "school's out," but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of 'em.

Just think: Your parents will be hard at work while you get the house to yourself (and perhaps a sibling or two). This means unlimited TV and computer access, a fridge full of snacking options and a period of time sans homework and teachers' demands.

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The possibilities this week are (almost) limitless, and in case you're struggling to figure out how to maximize this valuable time off, keep reading for some ideas:

1. Invite an Out-of-Town Friend to Visit

Because many people have family vacations planned during the winter and summer, it can be difficult to arrange time to see friends who live far away during those seasons. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to host a short and sweet visit for a friend who isn't local. Also, the weather will be on the nicer side, so that gives you more options than during the chillier months. If having someone stay with you for longer than a night makes you nervous, we came up with a list of how to make the trip stress-free for you both.

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2. Do Some Serious Spring Cleaning

We agree, the word "cleaning" has the power to scare anyone off. But spring cleaning doesn't necessarily refer to scrubbing floors and waxing tables. Spring cleaning is something we actually look forward to, as it's the act of taking a deep dive into our belongings and getting rid of what no longer serves us.

Those study notes from your 9th grade history class? Toss 'em. The adorable, but far too tiny romper that hasn't fit you in years? Donate it! Yes, it's hard to part with our possessions, but as people who've gotten accustomed to letting go of items that don't spark joy in our lives, we can tell you our living space feels so much freer and relaxing once we say sayonara to waste.



3. Take a Day Trip

Whether by car, train or bus, grab a pal, S.O. or family member and plan an easy-breezy day trip to a scenic area an hour or two away. Get started bright and early in the morning so that you allow ample time for shopping, eating and obvious Instagram opps. Cram all the action into the day and be home by sunset.


4. Give Yourself a New Look

When you're in school, you really don't have time to fix a bad dye job, go shopping for hours or make it to the hair salon for a consultation. With a week to spare, you can really take the time to reinvent yourself. Spend a day at the salon, spend another day conquering all the thrift stores in your area, take another day to hit up the local department store makeup counters and try on new shades of lipstick or eyeshadow. This is the perfect time to rediscover you and come back to school with a vengeance.

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5. Kick Off a New Hobby

Is there something you've always wanted to get into but felt like you didn't have enough time to start? Whether it's working out, reading books, knitting or finally putting that pick to the guitar, you've got five full days to take up a new hobby. Sure, you're not going to become an expert overnight, but this introductory amount of hyper focused time will ease you into maintaining interest when school picks back up.

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6. Go All Out for a Date With Your Crush or S.O.

When school gets the best of us, our time to get dolled up for a date is very limited. With a few spare days on your hands, you and your person of interest have ample time to plan something especially cute. And with daytime hours on your side, you're not limited to just dinner or a movie. Arrange an adorable picnic in the park, cook them dinner, plan a fancy double-date. This is your opportunity to really put in effort for the person you care about most.


7. Embrace 'Me Time' and Use It to Recharge

If staying in and hanging out by yourself during this week off is what suits you best, that's A-OK. But just because you're rollin' solo doesn't mean you can't still put this free time to solid use. Bust out the face masks, throw some salts into a bath, meditate, take advantage of your schedule-less hours to sleep. There's no reason not to better yourself for the next week.

Sometimes the act of doing the most minimal of actions is enough to get us totally re-energized for the weeks that lie ahead.


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