6 Important Travel Tips for Spring Break 2023

Spring break 2023 is fast approaching, and many of us are far from fully prepared for it.

This is especially true if you're traveling for spring break, which can be just as exciting as it is stressful. Thankfully, we're here to give you the cheat sheet you need to have a stress-free trip with our travel tips for spring break. Let's start off with:

1. Pack Light

Take everything you think you need to pack for your trip, and you probably get away with cutting that amount down by nearly half. After all, this is a spring break trip and not a semester away, so you won't need more than a few days worth of clothing, makeup and other supplies. Pro tip: If you can bear to cut down on only one thing, make it your shoes. They simply take up too much space, and you'll probably end up wearing the same two pairs over and over again anyway.

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2. Pack Prepared

Packing light doesn't mean packing only the bare necessities, as there are a lot of small items that might end up saving you when you need them most during your spring break travels. These include the obvious (such as makeup, shaving stuff, toiletries etc.) as well as the things that might not immediately come to mind. This includes wrinkle-removing spray, an eye mask, headache relief, bandages, stain-removing pens, nail files and other small, yet often-overlooked essentials that you can easily pick up from the travel section at your nearest store.

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3. Buy a Specialized Travel Bag

If you struggle to pack light, you can still optimize your packing habits by buying a specialized travel bag. When you're flying to your destination, these bags are still classified as your "personal item," allowing you to get away with not bringing a checked bag. And even if you're driving or traveling any other way, it's a whole lot easier to throw everything in a bag that's designed just for travel than it is to pack chaotically.

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4. Wake Up Early

While it may be tempting to spend your spring break sleeping in, you could've done that even if you'd stayed home. You'll appreciate your trip so much more if you do what you can to make the most of it, and unfortunately, that means waking up early while you're traveling.

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5. Create a Budget

This is a not-so-fun part about planning travels—we know—but budgeting is nonetheless necessary. No one wants to cut the fun short by running out of funds halfway through a trip, especially if you're traveling alone or with friends when you can't rely on anyone else to get you through the rest of your vacation. By making a budget—and more importantly, by sticking to it (at least for the most part)—you'll be able to prioritize the things worth spending your money on vs. the things that don't really mean as much in the long run.

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6. Be Specific About Souvenirs

Speaking of not spending your money on unnecessary things, we know that it can be tempting to buy every cute souvenir you see when on your spring break trip. While you should definitely treat yourself to something that helps you remember the good times you had, do you really need every trinket that catches your eye? A lot of these things just end up becoming clutter anyway, so be mindful about the souvenirs you do decide to pick up (for yourself or for friends and family back home). For example: If you love hanging photos on your fridge, a small magnet would be a great choice. Tote bags, mugs and other functional items usually make the best souvenirs if you're limited to what you can get at a tourist shop, but otherwise, small items with a big impact, like jewelry, can be a great choice. And when in doubt, you'll always have the memories—not to mention the many photos that you'll surely be turning into an Instagram post or TikTok after you return.

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Try out these tips when traveling this year and trust us, you'll thank us later. And if you need a few more travel hacks, click HERE to read about the top travel must-haves for 2023.