26 Fresh Ideas to Add to Your Spring Bucket List

Ah, spring

The season so sweet we can almost smell it—except that we can't smell much of anything thanks to all the pollen in the air that comes along with it. Okay, so no season is perfect, but spring comes pretty close. After all, it's the season that comes right after the worst of winter, breaking us out of our blues and springing us forward (pun intended) to a time filled with flowers, sunshine, fun date ideas and so much more.

If you're looking for ways to make the most of this season, you've come to the right place. Whether it's your favorite season or not, everyone should have a spring bucket list that looks something like what you'll find here.

Outdoor Ideas for Your Spring Bucket List

Whether you had to wait through six more weeks of winter thanks to a certain groundhog or not, shake off your winter woes and say hello to spring with these outdoorsy ideas for your spring bucket list:

  • Go flower picking
  • Have a spring picnic
  • Plant a garden
  • Celebrate Women's History Month throughout March
  • Bake spring-themed delights
  • Make your own bouquet

woman picking glowers to make a bouqet: shutterstock. Woman gardener picking red zinnias and blue bachelor buttons in summer garden using pruner. Cut flowers harvest

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  • Stay up to watch the clocks change for daylight saving time
  • Attend a spring school dance
  • Go to a local festival or farmers' market
  • Spring clean your room
  • Or your wardrobe
  • Read a book for each month during spring
  • Partake in a spring workout challenge
  • Volunteer outdoors
  • Cook a meal with seasonal ingredients

cooking with bright seasonal spring ingredients: shutterstock. Asparagus seasonal spring salad with potatoes, cucumber, egg and lettuce. Various ingredients and jar with olive oil, seasoning for tasty home cooking. Flat lay

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      Holiday-Related Ideas for Your Spring Bucket List

      While the winter holidays like Christmas and the New Year might steal most of the spotlight, don't let that take away from the many fun-filled holidays of spring! Just tack a few of the following ideas onto your spring bucket list—you might just find that spring holidays are better anyway when you do.

      • Decorate Easter eggs
      • Or go on an Easter egg hunt
      • Stock up on egg-shaped clearance candy after Easter's over
      • Take your mom out to a Mother's Day brunch
      • Or cook her one from scratch at home

      mother and daughter cooking baking together: shutterstock. Happy Latino senior mother and grownup daughter make dough prepare sweet pie or pastries at home on weekend. Smiling Hispanic mature mom and adult girl cooking baking in kitchen. Hobby concept.

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      • Open an Easter basket
      • Give your friends Easter baskets
      • Search for a random "holiday" that falls during spring and go all out to celebrate (for example, Waffle Day on March 25 or the obvious Star Wars Day on May 4)
      • Plant a tree for Earth Day
      • Or attend a beach cleanup
      • Eat king cake on Mardi Gras

      king cake with mardi gras decorations: shutterstock. king cake surrounded by mardi gras decorations

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      Ready to spring into your spring bucket list? Go ahead and get started with the ideas we've laid out here, but you can also try to add a few of your own too to keep it as fresh as the spring flowers. After that, it's time to get started (just don't forget to pop your allergy medication before doing so).

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