Game-Changing Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Shock You

Springtime comes with a long list of amazing things.

Flowers are in bloom, rains have cleared the air and spring break is finally here to save us from our studies.

But before we can make our floral dreams a reality, we have to confront the massive byproduct of winter that has taken up residence in our bedroom. Yes, spring cleaning is also here.

No one really likes to clean, unless you're a total Monica from Friends, but if you're more like us and dread these duties, we have your back.

Spring clean with the ease of Mary Poppins this season by using the below hacks that'll liven up your room and mood:

Make a Detailed Checklist

Rather than thinking about your entire bedroom as one big project to tackle, break it up into a bunch of tiny tasks. Divide your room by category (i.e. closet, dressers, bathroom, walls, etc.) and make a plan of attack. Everyone loves to check off tasks on a long to-do list, so by detailing your smaller sections, you get to slash through the project like you're the power hungry Queen of Hearts. Off with their heads! Down with those curtains!

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Make It Moody

Before you begin, set the mood. Open all of your windows, let that natural light shine in and set up a playlist. You'll want good vibes flowing in while you roll up your sleeves and get to work. We promise you'll be a whole lot happier if you're working in a nice environment.


Be Your Own Sorting Hat

Make three or four piles (four if you're keeping up with the Harry Potter metaphor) and start sorting your stuff. One pile is keep, another is donate, a third is maybe (for those things you just aren't sure about) and let's call the last trash (for those notes you really don't need anymore). If your major Spring Cleaning goal this year is to declutter your bedroom, these piles are the place to start. No one really likes parting with their things, but once you start sorting, you'll feel more like an organized Container Store graduate rather than a stressed-out hoarder.


Beeswax Candles Are Your BFF

Best friend for fresh that is. If you need to air out your bedroom as badly as we think you do, the best way to begin is by burning this all-natural wax. Combat that stuffy winter scent with a lightly fragranced candle of your choice, and in no time, your bedroom will have that fresh and soft smell of spring. Unlike other candles that may burn black or clog up your air with thick fragrances, these candles will keep things all-natural.

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Nail Polish Remover… It's Not Just for Nails

Did you perhaps scribble lyrics or love letters all over your walls with Sharpie on a whim? A very, very emotional whim? You don't have to answer that question, but we both know the answer is yes. If your feelings about those permanent words turned out to be temporary, have no fear because you can wash them away with a little bit of nail polish remover. Wear gloves and get to scrubbing. You should be able to erase those marks like your wall is a giant whiteboard.


Rock and (Lint) Roll

We all know that lint rollers are life savers when it comes to getting pet hair out of our outfits, but you can use these little rollers for so much more. For any dusty or dirty surface that's hard to wash (or, like, you just don't want to), simply roll. We're talking throw pillows and blankets, lamp shades, curtains… you name it. Why take the time to launder something that you can delint while binging Netflix?


Flush Kool Aid Down Your Toilet

No really, do it. If you'd rather not deal with harsh chemicals or that alarming stench of bleach in your bathroom, deep clean your toilet bowl with a packet of your favorite Kool Aid flavor. Lemon and Orange work particularly well because of the citric acid. For a toilet that's so fresh and so clean, just sprinkle a packet in before bed, give it a little swirl with a brush and leave it overnight. In the morning, give your brightly colored bowl a flush and you'll be saying, Oh yeahhhhh!

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Magic Carpet Makeover

Bring your grimy carpet back to life with this super simple DIY that'll make your room look, feel and smell like spring. All you need is baking soda, optional essential oils (some say optional, we say 100% necessary) and a jar, preferably with holes in the lid. Mix up a max of 30 drops of your fave essential oil into the baking soda and sprinkle it all around your carpet like you're warding witches away with salt. Next step is vacuuming—sorry, there's no skipping this chore—but when you're done, your carpet will feel brand new. You may even finally get out that lingering scent of spaghetti where you dropped dinner that one time… oops.


Make Fresh Laundry Your Signature Scent

If you find the smell of clean laundry to be the holy grail of fresh scents, you have to make this homemade DIY Febreze. Mix a few tablespoons of your absolute favorite fabric softener with a few cups of hot water, add in that magical ingredient, along with some baking soda, and pour it into a spare spray bottle. You've literally just bottled your favorite scent to spray in your spring-cleaned room for the rest of the season. Does the freshness ever end??


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