Expert Shares Best Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Spring cleaning used to be a term we scoffed at, or reserved for our parents and their dust pans. But with coronavirus-induced quarantine in full effect, we're suddenly singing a new tune.

With exceedingly more time on our hands, we're actually realizing that maybe it is a good idea to dig through our belongings and get rid of stuff.

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That said, the timing presents a new set of challenges—where do we dispose of our belongings? Goodwill, Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange and every other common donation or trade-in spot is closed for now.

We reached out to Sondra Grossman, a consultant for luxury consignment shop The Real Real. Sondra not only shared her tips and tricks for successfully rummaging through your wardrobe, but also how to take many of those items off your hands—even during a time like this.

Keep reading for what she had to say!

SH: Spring cleaning your closet can be a major drag, but what are the biggest benefits?

SG: I know these are unique times, but now more than ever, it can be the perfect time to clean out your closet. Many of my clients have found it to be an excellent distraction from work or school, and actually therapeutic to get rid of things they aren't using and make room for new items. Not only that, but knowing that you can receive money for your items is a huge plus!

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SH: If we're still unmotivated, what are ways to make the experience more fun?

SG: Bring a parent or sibling into it, too. Help your mom or dad sort through their items. They may be willing to share profit with you from what they're able to sell if you help organize the whole process. You can also turn up the music, brew some fresh coffee and share your #springcleaningexperience on Instagram. This is a very common time for other people to sort through their stuff, so your followers will likely relate to what you post.


SH: If you're on the fence about getting rid of something, how do you determine whether you should keep it?

SG: I like asking people if they've worn something in the past six months. If the answer is no, chances are they probably won't any time soon. If it's in quality condition, you can try to sell it. If something has an unfixable hole or stain, simply toss it.

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SH: What are some items you should almost never part with?

SG: I think this is definitely unique to each person, but anything that you can't picture not having, I would say keep it. You shouldn't feel the need to get rid of something just to clear space. If you really do love it, keep it. If it has some truly special meaning (like a hand-me-down from your late grandma or a dress your mom wore in high school), definitely keep those pieces.


SH: What are some items you should almost always part with?

SG: Great question! I know personally, my style is always evolving and I just don't feel good in certain clothing, accessories and so forth anymore. There are even certain pieces I love, but after the fifth time trying them on and failing to get them over my head, you can be sure I'm selling them ASAP. And going off of the above, if there's a hole, a tear or minor yet irremovable stain, there's absolutely no reason (for sentimental value or otherwise) to hold on to an item.



SH: With traditional donation or trade-in locations closed due to coronavirus, what are some alternative ways to sell or donate unwanted clothes?

SG: I can assist anyone from anywhere—virtually! So, whether you're having a tough time plowing through yours or your mom's closet, or you already have your bags stashed away, I can help you sort through your stuff and determine what's worth consigning and what's worth donating. After our free consultation, we'll arrange to have whatever's being consigned in your household picked up straight from you. You won't have to see anyone or touch anything other than what's yours.

While The Real Real has a reputation for consigning only high-end designer items, that's actually not the case. While those items are certainly popular and welcome, we're not limited to accepting only that. In all of our categories: men's and women's clothing, accessories, handbags, watches, art, furniture, home decor, branded and unbranded jewelry and shoes, we accept a wide variety of different brands.

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SH: Anything else you want to add about spring cleaning or The Real Real?

SG: Even if you don't have any items to sell with us, you can still make money by referring new consignors. Given the amount of your friends (and their families) currently digging through their closets, you have a chance to potentially help them (and yourself in the process!). They can be anywhere in the U.S., and you can easily reach out to me directly on Instagram @sondie or by calling me: 213.793.1782, and I'll handle everything. It's an incredible way to earn extra cash right now. I look forward to hopefully working with the Sweety High followers in the future!


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