5 Date Ideas Perfect for Spring

Spring has officially sprung, and with all the flowers blooming, so are the opportunities for fun spring date activities.

The temperatures are getting warmer, our outfits are getting cuter and the days are lasting longer. It's basically the perfect combination for the dating season of your dreams! So, make the most of it with the following fun spring date ideas.

1. Have Your Own Easter Egg Hunt

Even if Easter is over, that doesn't mean you can't get some cheap plastic eggs to fill up with your own treats, especially since the candy will be on clearance anyway! Hide some cute notes, photos, small trinkets or just some of their favorite edible treats in the eggs before placing them in your location of choice for them to find—it's basically the perfect low-stakes scavenger hunt date.


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2. Have a Picnic in the Park

Take full advantage of those aforementioned warmer temperatures and longer days by posting up with your partner in a local park for the afternoon. Things to bring along include a blanket to sit on comfortably, plenty of snacks, some sunglasses and/or bug spray and possibly a fun portable activity to keep the conversation flowing. Extra points if you're allowed to stay out late enough to catch the sunset.


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3. Go Flower or Berry Picking

Trust us, going flower or berry picking is not as cheesy as it sounds. Depending on where you live, there's a good chance that a local farm will offer some form of berry or flower picking for a fairly cheap price, and it turns into a super fun competition to find the best ones of each. Alternatively, you can also find the best flowers at your local Home Depot (or your own backyard) and have a simple DIY version without having to go too far from home.


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4. Explore Spring Menus at Local Hot Spots

A lot of good local restaurants will switch up their menus every few months based on what is growing in season, making it the perfect opportunity to switch up your usual date night spot as well. A little Instagram searching will usually help you find a spot that looks good, then you can stalk the menu before you go or simply be spontaneous and choose on the night of the date itself. Either way, you're supporting a local business, eating some good food and getting to spend time with your partner in the process. And since it is spring, after all, you might as well top off the experience by sitting outside if possible and soaking it up before the weather gets too warm.


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5. Attend a Local Festival or Farmer's Market

After nearly two years of cancellations, spring 2022 is finally allowing for plenty of events to take place. This includes a lot of public festivals—from art to food and everything in between—and farmer's markets that feature live music and plenty of local vendors. See what your city or town has going on, put on your favorite springtime outfit and go have fun with your partner by exploring all that your city has to offer. It's the perfect way to spend a weekend day with your partner, so just look through Facebook, Instagram and even your local coffee shop cork board to check for what events are coming up and plan accordingly.


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