Spring Makeup Tutorial With Sweety High!

Spring is a time for brightness, joy and fresh starts, and we think your makeup should reflect the season! Check out our original Spring Makeup Tutorial below for a simple yet cute look for all of your favorite springtime festivities!Spring Makeup Tutorial Sweety High

Before you begin, start with a clean face.

  1. Apply the highlight color underneath your brows and in the corners of your eyes. We used the highlight color in the NYC HD Trio Eye Shadow palette in West Vintage.
  2. Apply a bold color along your lash line, blending upwards, stopping before the fold. We used the second color in the West Vintage palate for a pop of purple.
  3. Apply a bright liner to your waterline under your eye. Try one that matches your eye color! We used an NYC Eyeliner Duet that included both green and black liner (needed for the next step).
  4. Apply black liner as close to the lash line as possible, using small dots to fill spaces in-between your eyelashes. There should not be any skin showing between your liner and your eyelashes.
  5. Apply your favorite Mascara!
  6. Add some blush and some gloss for a finished look!

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