If You're Sick of Florals for Spring, Try One of These 6 Prints, Instead

"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

Anna Wintour Miranda Priestly said it best when she snarkily made the comment that florals in the spring was unheard of… groundbreaking, even! And TBH, we're totally with her. While we love a floral moment, at times, it can come across as tacky and overdone.

If you too are sick of florals for spring, try one of these six prints, instead:


1. Snakeskin

Snakeskin isn't going anywhere, honey. In fact, it's our fave print at the moment, because it's so versatile. It can be worn during all of the seasons and still work. It's definitely a trendy print meant for cool girls, so when you're putting together your ensembles, try to channel your inner Billie Eilish or Camila Cabello.

2. Polka Dots

If it were up to us, we'd wear polka dots all year 'round. They're so youthful and look incredible when mixed with other prints! We know, you might be thinking that's a bit too much, but it's a style we're seriously obsessed with. Don't knock it till you try it! Our fave polka dots have to be the classic black and white color combo, since it looks great with pretty much anything.

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3. Tiger

Animal print is all the rage, so why not try out something as daring as tiger? It's a fun differentiation from the typical leopard you've seen during the fall and winter months. We love the idea of going for tiger over floral because it's unexpected. Don't follow the crowd, be the leader and trendsetter in your group of friends!

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4. Plaid

Clueless is a classic film for lots of reasons, and our absolute fave scene is when Cher wears her now-famous yellow plaid ensemble. Whether you opt for a blue, pink, yellow, or any other color of plaid, it's perfect for spring. Make sure you stick with a fun, pastel color to truly channel that springtime sense of style.

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5. Celestial

Chances are, you have some sort of celestial jewelry in your arsenal. But have you ventured into the garment sector? From moons, to stars, to the sun, there are so many celestial elements out there on clothing that's the perfect alternative to the boring floral print. Since it's spring, however, make sure to stick to lighter colors (aka, stay away from too much black).

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6. Fruity

In the spring, some of our favorite fruits are in season, like cherries and lemons! And guess what? They make for a pretty dang cute print, too. We love the idea of throwing on a beautiful white dress with gorgeous lemons upon it. Or even a flowy blouse with vibrant red cherries! Whatever fruit catches your eye, make sure to rock it this spring.

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