The Top Spring Skincare Must-Haves

Spring has nearly sprung, and that means that it's time to embrace more than just some open-toed shoes, floral prints and lighter layers.

The change of season also means a change in what your skin needs to look and feel its best, which is why we're here to discuss the top spring skincare must-haves that are actually worth your money this year. Let's start off with:

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity all year round (yes, even in winter), but it's all the more important to wear each and every day with the increased amount of sunshine that we see once spring has started. If you haven't yet invested in a solid facial sunscreen, let us turn you onto a well-kept secret: You don't need to drop a whole paycheck on the latest TikTok-hyped product to get the kind of coverage your skin needs. In fact, Trader Joe's sells a fantastic oil-free option for less than $10, and you can find other solid picks within the aisles of your nearest Target or drugstore.

Trader Joes daily facial sunscreen

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2. Exfoliants

Spring is all about an "out with the old, in with the new" mentality, and that kind of goes for your skin, too. A gentle skin exfoliant (we're talking the chemical kind—please stay away from those harsh scrubs that actually damage and remove moisture from your skin) softly removes old skin cells and makes way for glowing skin and a fresh complexion in its place. Be careful not to overdo it, as an occasional peel can be good for your face and leave you with healthier-looking skin that's ready to take on spring and beyond.

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3. Gel Cleanser

While a thick, moisturizing cream cleanser is ideal for the winter months, spring calls for something a lot lighter. Steer clear of potentially pore-clogging formulas and opt for a gel instead, particularly one that does a decent job at removing makeup as well as dirt, grime and whatever other residue ends up on your face throughout the day.

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4. Spring Serums

Another ingredient that's worth keeping in your skincare lineup year-round (but gets a little extra love during spring) is vitamin C, which really gets to flex its brightening abilities when the scarves get shoved back in the closet in lieu of slightly warmer styles. Pick up a good serum at a reasonable price point, and consider adding in a mask every so often as well for an extra boost of brightness.

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5. Self Tanning Drops

Want to look like you spent the last few months sunning in Santorini rather than in a cocoon on the couch? Avoid the skin damage that comes with an actual suntan (which doesn't last for the long run, anyway) and opt for a sunless version instead, such as at-home tanning solutions and tan drops that can be added to your daily moisturizer. Pro tip: Choose your products wisely. Not only should you stick with a shade that actually suits your skin tone, but you'll also want to select one that best suits your lifestyle too. For example, don't opt for a step-by-step self-tanner with a complicated application process if you're the type of person who never reads the instructions or who forgets that they put it on until far too many hours later. While there are some drops you can just wash off, others will stain you if you're not careful!  If you are organized enough to know how to navigate those processes though, may the tanning odds be ever in your favor.

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6. Tinted Moisturizer

This last spring skincare must-have bridges the gap between makeup and skincare, as it's a perfect base for your face that does the job of both. If you don't necessarily need the full coverage of a foundation, opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer instead. It's also a great pick if you simply need to wear something on your face for all those pool parties and beach days you have coming up, but without the weight of a full face of makeup.

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