Celebrity Hair Stylist Spills the Tea on Popular Spring and Summer Hair Trends

As we're well into spring and summer is just around the corner, now is the time to go wild with your locks.

If you have a screenshot from Instagram that you've been dying to try out on yourself, why not do it now? Whether you're chopping it all off, dyeing it or getting a sophisticated new look, go for it. We were curious to find out what all the A-listers have been doing with their hair, so we spoke with none other than celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons. With clients ranging from the Kardashians to Addison Rae to Lucy Hale and more, he knows what he's doing. Keep reading to find out all he had to say.

Sweety High: What's the number one thing your clients have been asking for this spring/summer?

Andrew Fitzsimons: With the weather warming up, clients are always asking for ways to keep their hair moisturized, especially when trying to combat frizz during those really hot and humid days. I always recommend using a leave-in conditioner to retain that needed hydration, and one of my favorites is the Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave In Conditioner ($19.99), which is lightweight, non-greasy and perfect for restoring the hair's natural moisture balance.


SH: What are three trends you think are going to be all over social media? 

AF: This time of the year always calls for a fresh haircut, and some of the top trends I've seen so far are feathered ends, soft or curtain-like bangs, and bra-length layers. Keeping it simple and chic is definitely the way to go, and longer layers like those Khloe Kardashian loves to wear, or even a breezier and feathery bottom a la Kendall Jenner are just some ways to give your hair movement and texture.


SH: What's your favorite women's hair lewk of the moment?

AF: I love this wavy, textured bob seen on Lucy Hale! Not only is that cut totally on-trend this summer (chic and short), but this look is very low maintenance and can easily be styled for day to evening wear, perfectly shaping any face.



SH: What hair colors do you think are going to be popular?

AF: Summer is such a great time to shake things up with your hair color and this year is really all about those soft shades, like butter melts, rose blondes and maybe even some hidden highlights. Adding that little pop of color with something like highlights or being bold with a touch of rose are some great ways to visually enhance your look, add dimension and give you an instant cool factor.


SH: What haircuts/styles do you think are going to be popular?

AF: Curtain bangs and soft blowouts have been trending all over social media, and I think this style will definitely continue into the warmer months. Addison Rae has been seen rocking this look and even just a few face-framing pieces and layers can give you some great bounce and volume.


SH: What products should girls use who are trying to embrace their natural hair?

AF: For girls trying to embrace their natural hair, I recommend using products that are hydrating and free of parabens, mineral oils and other harmful ingredients that can strip the hair of its natural shine. Products like TPH by Taraji Curls 4 Days Moisture-Rich Curl Cream ($13.99) are great for encouraging and defining your curls, while also adding that extra hydration and nourishment.


SH: What products should girls use who use heat or styling tools use on their hair?

AF: If using any type of heat or styling tools on your hair, always remember to use a heat protectant. Heat tools can easily strip your hair away of its natural oils and proteins, so using heat protectants can help make the hair less prone to breakage and keep it nourished. I recommend using the TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray ($19.99), which includes organic sourced ingredients known for protecting against UV damage, helping to repair your hair without weighing it down.


SH: What hair looks are on their way out this season?

AF: Middle parts, layers and soft bangs are really dominating the hair looks this season, and gone are the days of side part or blunt cut hairstyles. This season is about embracing texture, movement and simplicity, which is great for those looking for comfortable and easy-to-style looks during those warmer days.


SH: Anything else we should know in regards to hair this spring/summer?

AF: Summer is such a great time for change and experimentation, so don't be afraid to spice up, or soften down, your hair looks and embrace those brighter days ahead!


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