4 Classic Spring Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe This Year

We're officially through the worst of winter weather and quickly turning the corner towards spring.

While there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this shift in seasons, one we just can't ignore is the return of spring fashion. Sure, the trends change each end every year, but there are a few classics that deserve a return run in your wardrobe this year (and every year). Let's start with:

1. Florals

As the infamous quote from The Devil Wears Prada goes: "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." However, we think that this trend doesn't need to be anything new or daring to deserve to be included in your spring wardrobe once again. Plus, floral patterns can span a wide array of sizes, colors and prints, keeping it anything but drab. Try incorporating various floral pieces like tops, skirts, dresses and even accessories to keep it modern and fresh.

Woman in black floral dress and black hat wearing red leather jacket. .Spring top classic fashion trends 2022. Attractive curly girl in wide-brimmed hat, red leather jacket and black dress with floral print looks thoughtfully into distance, enjoying spring day in garden

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2. Sundresses

Not only do sundresses just look incredibly cute, but they're also so easy to wear that we wish we could rock them all year long. Along with not needing to pair too many pieces, sundresses are super comfortable and make it look like you tried without actually having to put in all that much effort. Whether you go for a flowy maxi dress for a day with the family or a mini skater-style option for brunch with your friends, you simply can't go wrong with a sundress for spring.

Woman in sunhat and pink sundress with flowers. Spring top classic fashion trends 2022. Shutterstock. Young beautiful smiling hipster woman in trendy summer sundress. Sexy carefree woman posing on the street background in hat at sunset. Positive model outdoors on embankment. Holding flowers in hands

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3. Pastels

Pastel pinks, lavenders, lilacs, blues and greens aren't just for Easter anymore. These ultra-feminine hues can add a soft touch to any fit, all while accentuating that post-spring break tan at the same time. If a pastel top or dress isn't really your style, pastel nail polish is always a great way to soften up an otherwise colorless or extremely edgy outfit.

Woman in pink pastel dress with roses against blue background. Spring top classic fashion trends 2022. Shutterstock. Beautiful young woman in pink dress holding spring pink flower bouquet on the blue background in the morning..

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4. Sleeveless Options

While you'll probably have to save these for the weekend, as most school dress codes prevent the freedom of our arms for some reason, swapping the sleeves for other stylistic options is a great way to celebrate the start of spring. The options are practically endless, too, from high-necked halter tops to the cutest off-the-shoulder styles, providing plenty of ways to customize how you rock your warmer-weather wardrobe.

Woman in sleeveless dress in yellow flower field. Spring top classic fashion trends 2022. Shutterstock. Young woman in sleeveless dress enjoying sunlight and nature on yellow blooming rapeseed field

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