Let Your Horoscope Decide Which Spring Trend To Try Next!

It's officially the first day of spring, so it's time to ditch your winter style. Need some help finding your new look? Find out what spring trend that's perfect for you based on your zodiac sign!

Don't know you sign? Find it here:

Aries  –Overalls

A cute pair of overalls gives daring Aries a look that's instantly laid-back, yet chic.

Taurus – Fancy Flats

Taurus can throw on some fancy flats to quickly make an elegant statement with any outfit.

Gemini – Gingham Dress

Gemini can steal Taylor's sweet look with a gingham dress.

Cancer – Ponytail With Braid

A ponytail incorporating gorgeous braids can give Cancer a refined yet bohemian edge.

Leo – Yellow Dress

Little black dresses are so not Leo's style. Let your optimistic disposition shine through in a yellow dress.

Virgo – All White Outfit

Virgo will look clean and glamorous in an all white outfit like Bella's.

Libra – Bright Pink Nail Polish

Libra is all about standing out from the crowd and you're sure to do that with shocking bright pink nails.

Scorpio – Distressed Denim Jeans

Comfort is Scorpio's friend, so distressed denim jeans are the sign's perfect match. 

Saggitarius – Turquoise Nail Polish

The majority of Sags are born in December, with the lovely turquoise as their birthstone. The stone is the perfect spring hue for nails (and just about everything else!)

Capricorn – Floral Pants

Capricorn can't step into spring without floral prints. Kelli Berglund's bold floral pants are the perfect example.

Aquarius – Purple Eyeshadow

Aquarius's creative spirit shines through with some beautiful purple eyeshadow.

Pisces – Unique Side Braid

A funky side braid is perfect for Pisces' quirky personality.


What spring trend is your favorite?